Friday, May 4, 2007

Temper Trantrum!

Okay – I’ve kicked a few doors, stomped my feet, banged around the house, salammed a few doors, cursed at slow drivers and basically had my little temper tantrum. All I needed was one thing, one thing to go my way. Why couldn’t we have gotten out of PGN – or at least told that next week was a realistic “out” time for us? Why the set back? Why the additional delays? I just WANT MY CHILDREN!!

So, I tried to deny it, I tried to ignore it, I tried talking myself into it, but realistically this news means that I cannot leave Thursday.

We are financially and emotionally prepared for my absence for a 3-5 week timeframe. We were hoping that we would be near a PGN out, so that left a cushy 3-5 weeks to get a new birth certificate, enter the US Embassy and wait for our visa appointment.

Now that we’ve entered the unknown again – Barrios gone for one week? 20 days? Will files be getting signed off on? Will this cause yet another backup at PGN? We could potentially be looking at another 2-4 weeks just in PGN. Plus the 3-5 weeks out of PGN.

So, we’ve done what we’ve done this whole past year. We’ve rallied. We’ve come to terms with it, refocused and are plunging along. Like we have any other choice, right? LOL

I’d like to the think that two more weeks could do the trick. That would bump my trip to May 24th and give Barrios and PGN about 21 days to get their act together! Surely, good news will come within that timeframe!!

Two weeks, they seem like forever. But not when you put it in the perspective of a whole year. Two weeks are just two weeks. Two weeks buys me time for a miracle. Two weeks could bring me lots of good news. Two weeks could bring us our “OUT.” Two weeks from the “Dolphin’s Perspective” could make all the difference!


I can see the finish line! We’re almost there….


Lou said...

Hey! From what I'm reading SOMEONE will sign off on cases. I am headed down May 21, so we'll get there within days of each other. Let me know where you are staying...