Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's A Wrap!

Kindergarten 2012
Over and out!

 Lots of fun for Field Day!
(Austin left. Logan right.)

Mrs. Maier, Austin's teacher
Mrs. Lang, Logan's teacher

Austin and his best friend, Constantine.

 Logan and his best friend, Cooper.

 Caterpillars for their end of the year performance!

 They each got to sing solos. 
They were THRILLED!

 And they did great!

The boys had asked for mohawks for the last day of school.
And then we added the extra fun element of hair spray coloring.
(That did, indeed, come out of their hair with ONE wash! 
......However, it stayed on their SCALPS for about 3 weeks.  Not. even. kidding!)

I hate to add too much detail about the big first year of school.
Lord know, they compare and compete constantly!!
But, I will say, both boys did great!
(Neither one of them got kicked out!)
Logan is reading very well!
Austin is reading some and is doing fantastic with math!
They are both well on their way to successful school careers!

They made lots of friends.
Love their teachers.
Learned how to be independent of each other.

And they are very, very proud of themselves for becoming "Rising first graders!"