Thursday, November 26, 2009


We're thankful for snuggle-bugs who slept in extra late today:

And later transformed into two funny self-titled "Egg-Heads."

We enjoyed the Macy's Parade.

It was a hit for the most part - Austin and Logan recognized lots of the
characters and almost watched the whole thing.  We're hoping to make it to a "live" parade this year.  So, this was sort of the practice run.  (They've never like LOUD noises.  But we have made it through another movie and we're banking on Van's presence to make the parade a hit!)

I'm thankful for a hubby to does all the cooking:

  ..and orchestrates it all to perfect timing!

So he has time to enjoy some appetizers on the deck with his little mini-me's:

And I'm also thankful for one crazy Nonnie, who's going to accompany me in a midnight madness run to Toys-R-Us!!  Are we crazy or what?  Happy shopping, everyone!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm 3 1/2 books into the Twilight series. 

...It's sucking up all my free time.

...and my non-free time.... back soon.   ;-)   

Monday, November 16, 2009

Cuteness! (2008)

And another one from last year - I think this was when my computer was sick and I just couldn't post anything!
This is at Daddy's restaurant, probably on a Sunday after church. SO dang little!

um, singing? yelling? Probably cheering: "Go, team, go, go, go" - I can't believe how much that was their mantra for a whole year!

Daddy's coming! And look at the bruise on Austin. I don't remember how he got it, but I remember Logan had a matching one. They are still getting "mirror" injuries. One will fall and randomly hurt his hand and within 2-3 days the other one will have a separate fall/injury and end up with a similar brusie. Coincidence, but very weird just how often it happens!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

PreSchool Pictures Day! (2008)

I found these pictures from last Nov (2008) that never got posted. Really? Were my boys this teeny, tiny?

Brushing teeth - very important before heading off to school.

I used to have to dress them while they stood on my bed - just made it easier, being at "arm" level and not having to chase them. They were looking up at the tv - I'm guessing Hi-5!

Or maybe the news? They looked very concerned. And they look too darn tiny! eeks! I remember their jeans were falling off of them. Those little belts barely kept them up.

I think he was trying to say, "I'm 2, Mommy!"

Oh, what little munchins, we had! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The nose knows...

Premilinary info:  We have an old dog. Bless his little heart! Chubby is going on 15. I'm sure this is not how he envisioned his "retirement years" what with the wild ones around and all. Fortunately for us, Chubby still makes it outside to pee (97% of the time). However, his poop is 50/50 as to whether it's an inside or outside activity. I know, gross right? But he has (you can start laughing here) really good poop. Solid little turdettes that are easily picked up and disposed of. Believe me, we pay extra $ for the premium dog-poop-producing food.

As you can imagine, we hear lots of "Chubby pooped, Mom!" And thanks to the strong willed "Me-do/I-do phase" of last years' 2 year olds, a tradition was born:

Chore that falls to Austin and Logan - picking up (with toilet paper) and flushing Chubby's turdettes. (And then washing hands and hand sanitizing, of course!)

(I can't believe I'm blogging this - Gary will DIE!)

Scene 1: We've mentioned that we dine with our neighbors, it just makes playing outside, calling the kids in, etc all that much easier. On one of the first occasions that we had Barb and her two boys over (8 and 5 yo), we were all gathered around the table and things were a little hectic and certainly very loud.

Somebody's plate had fallen, tipped over or something. And in the midst of chaos, Logan holds up a piece of meat (I believe gathered from his chair), and shouts (just as the noise factor hit a momentary lull), "MOM - IS THIS POO??? CAN I EAT THIS, MOM - MOM IS THIS POO?? IS IT?"

Our now-worried little dining companions held their forks mid-lift and Barb and I just howled into fits of laughter. Logan and Austin kept staring at us like - um, duh - it's a valid question. ....and Barb's two boys were still waiting for us to make the call.

Months later, she and I still laugh our tails off.

Additional preliminary info: Ah, yes - that 3% mentioned above. Occasionally Old Dog Chubby does have some pee issues. If we're being truthful, so do some certain 3 years olds. (And don’t get me started on bathroom maintenance and how pee miraculously gets up on the ceilings! Momma sure didn’t warn me ‘bout those days!)

I am constantly battling stinky-house syndrome. I clean. I light candles. Gary steam cleans the carpets. We Lysol. We Febreeze - both the spray and the air freshener.

It's sort of a loosing battle. We don't have a lot folks over. And as soon as the dog stops poopin' (sadly) and as soon as Austin and Logan stop spilling and being typical nasty children (also sadly) and as soon as we pay for Evan's college, you can bet we're adding new carpet to the list of house chores...right behind new siding, new hot water heater, new ac and new paint! We're on it!

In the meantime, we live for cool weather days where we can joyously open the windows for fresh air!

Scene 2:
Earlier in the day, Evan decides to grace our presence by coming downstairs and as his nostrils were assailed, he demanded to know "What's burning? It smells like hair or something.” I eyed the stove where dinner was innocently cooking, but no unusual spices added and I shrugged it off. Evan went back into his cave.

Gary came home later and right before (I'm assuming) his joyous, "Honey I'm home," I instead hear, "D!*M, I just stepped in dogsh*T!!" He looks down accusatorily at the foyer floor and upon seeing it unusually dog poop free, determines that he must have stepped in it outside of the house (Can I get a high-5, Chubster!?)

Gary's 2nd comment right before (I'm assuming) his lovingly "How was your day honey?" was "What's burning? Smells like a perm solution or something?" (Most likely, because in between poop patrol and hunting down any and all other odd household smells, I run a home salon to take care of other women's beauty needs!)

Tired of waiting for my, "Hi, honey I'm home. How was your day?" I schlep off to clean up stepped-in poo-poo. Gary and Evan leave in a mad dash to College Night, Logan cries because he wants to go. And Austin cries because he wants more food. Despite all the food I've already given him today. As I chase him into the kitchen to take away his popcorn, my nostrils, too are suddenly assaulted. “Austin did you fart? It smells like poop. Have you gotta go potty?”

Seriously folks - we spend a LOT of time identifying odors around here!

Austin gets mad, turns on me and shouts with disgust and exasperation "No MOM - IT'S this WHOLE house! All over, this whole house stinks! It all smells like sh*T!" Then he shows me, "This kitchen STINKS, this hallway stinks! Upstairs stinks. In my bedroom stinks! This WHOLE house stinks, Mom!"

I, of course, am in a heap, on the floor in hysterics, as he continues to clarify things for me.

He's not going down for this crime!

And maybe, just maybe, we'll get to that new carpet sooner rather than later!

(btw, Dear Santa, if you’re out and about and reading blogs, I’ve been a really good girl.  Okay – we’ll just stick to basics, I’ve been a girl. The only girl, in fact in my stinky house and I sure would LOVE, love, love maybe one teeny, tiny maid. Nay, ONE simple housecleaning would be just divine! Divine, I tell you. I’m just saying…..oh, and don’t forget the new stain, odor resistant carpet.  Thanks!)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh, the precious moments!

(Still working on a basketball update, but in short - it was awesssome!!)

Today, I took Austin and Logan to their preschool church to sing with the rest of their school mates.

They look handsome, don't they?

Now, get ready to laugh......

A still shot of one of my favorite moves...

Oh, these boys sure do make a Momma proud, don't they!  Yes, "one" twin certainly was behaving himself and doing an outstanding job singing.  And the "other" twin, well, maybe he wants to be a comedian!  ;-)

Nonnie and her boys.

On a whim, Nonnie and I decided that we would each take a child for the afternoon (okay, in typical Donna-style, I threw it on her last minute, but she went with it really well!).

Austin went over to Nonnie's, had lunch, went the mall and road the train!  Played in a toy store, and coerced Nonnie into buying him noodles at his favorite
Japanese fast food spot.

Logan came home with me.  We played some one-on-one soccer, then went next door to play with our friends before heading out to another friend's soccer game.  Logan kept asking for Austin, where was he?  when was he coming home?  And if he could talk to him on the phone. 

Austin did not ask about Logan. And didn't really talk on the phone to him until Nonnie "made" him. 

On the soccer field, the boys were reunited!  Logan came running towards Austin all excited to see him again.  Upon seeing his brother race toward him with brotherly love, Austin looked up at me, scowled his face, and demanded:  "Did you bring MY soccer outfit, too Mom!!?"  
Uh, nope....
Logan approaches for the embrace,....
and Austin diss's him 100%
....because he's mad at me for not bringing him a soccer uniform to wear.

Love the frickin 3's!  They. are. a. BLAST!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today's the day!!!!

Today, Logan's life time dream COMES true!

Have I mentioned that the boy is obsessed, OBSESSED with baksetball?

Logan lives, breathes, eats, sleeps basketball.

Every day, all day long our conversations go like this:
Me: "Good Morning, boys - guess what we're doing today?"
Logan: (always excitedly and with hope) "Going to a basketball game?"
Me: "um. no.  Going to school."
Logan: (still with hope and exictement) "...and then, go to a basketball game?"

And when I pick them up from school:
Me: "Okay, lets go play."
Logan: "To a basketball game, Mommy?"
Me: "No, baby.  To go see Van."
Logan; "And then go to a basketball game, Mommy?"

In the house, he dribbles a ball ALL day long!  He shoots at my curtains, my kitchen door, closet door.  When we take the ball away, he dribbles air.  And shoot the imaginary ball and the imaginary hoop

He watches basketball on tv.  by himself.  And cheers on his favorite players/teams.  Michael Jordan/Xaiver and some others.

And of course, he only allows baskeball clothes to adorn his body! 

He thinks Evan go off to school every day to play basketball, just likke in High School Musical.  ;-)

His very first word (in Guatemala) was "tota" - as in "pelota" = ball.

This past year, as he has watched the neighbor boys head off to their first soccer/baseball/football games, he has bee-lined into the house jumping up and down, "Mom, now can I go to my first basketball game?"

I looked high and lo for a team for my baby to play on.  All of them required the kids to be 4 years old to start.   I tried getting Logan to play another sport just to appease his love of the ball. No go.  "Okay, Mom - I'll play soccer, but THEN I'll go to my basketball game, right?"

And the boy s'got skill!  He amazes everyone with his shot - he can shoot a regulation size on the lowest setting of Evan's real basketball hoop.  He plays defense like no other kid I've ever seen.  He even has the basketball swagger/walk down.

Alas, thankfully, Tracey came to the rescue!!!  The YMCA on her side of town has a 3 year old basketball camp!  Not really a typical team and games, but more of a skill camp, hopefully with a game at the end of the hour.  But ohmygosh - we'll take it!

Of course, we signed up back in August and I didn't want Little Mr. Obsessed to get too wound up, but as I was filling out the form, he came up to the table.  And honed in on the basketball player clipart on the form.   

"Mom!!  Mom - that's basketball. What's that, Mom?"
"Well, honey Mommy's signing you up for basketball, but...."
"Oh Mom!!  Mommy!  You are??  For me???"
"Yes, dear, but it's not for a long time, okay?  You've got to start school first, and then have Halloween..."
"Oh Mommy, oh mommy!"  and I swear he tears up, grabs my arm that I had been writing with, wraps his whole body around it, burries his face, squeezes me with all his might and says "Thank you, Mommy!  Oh, thank you!  Thank you for signing me up for my very first basketball game."

Bless his little heart!!!   He has waited his whole life for the moment!

And today IS THE DAY!!!    I'm so excited for him! 

Here's some footage of the boys' skills:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall 2009



A Big Birthday
Evan turns 18!  OMGosh!
More pumpkins

More festivals
And some little Superhero's