Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day Trip To DC!

 Really - it's quite embarrassing that we haven't done this sooner,
but alas, yesterday was a "No School Day"
(thankyouverymuch, Mr. Columbus)
 So, we packed up the kids and headed to DC for the day.

(What follows will be 1,000 pics of our trip.)

 First Metro ride.
Logan already showing the "Mom, you are so not cool taking our pic everywhere!" and Austin uber excited about the train!

 First stop - The National ZOO!

 Notes on the zoo trip:
Poor Austin spiked a fever mid-way through.
He was SO hot and pale, and exhausted.
Of course, we had no medicine, so Gary purchased some out of the bathroom vending machine (nice, eh!?)  It was adult version, so we had to break it up for him.  
It was this beautiful weather-wise day and my poor baby was all cuddled up inside the rented stroller, arms inside his sleeves with my sweater over him.  He was awesome though, no complaining - he hopped out and looked at animals when he wanted to and we had to carry him ALL the way back to the Metro (Ka-yilled MY back!), but sweetie did not complain. 

After that, we went ahead and got the car out of the parking garage, rode around for 45 minutes, "sight-seeing" (read: trying to find a freakin' parking space to visit the National Mall),  Austin power napped in the car and woke up ready to par-tay!
(Side trip to China town, when Austin was still feeling bad and Logan was ready to PLAY ball!)

 Lincoln Memorial!

And then we spent the rest of the day answering questions about his death:
"But why did they shoot him?"
Was it a movie theatre?
Did an ambulance come?
Was it a REAL gun?
etc. etc. etc.

 Gary "holding" the Washington Monument! 


Not much of a reflection pond, huh?
I kinda built it up, too.
Needless to say, Austin and Logan were not impressed!
But considering they probably would have attempted to go swimming in it, I guess it was a good thing!

 Mommy and the boys on the steps.

 Can you see the excitement!?

 This is what Logan wanted to do ALL day long - play soccer!


 Ahhhh - little rocket pop night cap!
Moon. White House. 

Good Night, DC - hope to see you again SOON!