Monday, May 7, 2007

My Wimpy Update

I have nothing. LOL. Nothing to update.

And I have a confession, I sulked today.

Now, last night, I had a long talk with myself about submitting to God's will. I truly embraced the Dolphin's Perspective (from two posts ago). From where I'm sitting, things look rotten. I've already waited too long for my babies. I want to go be with them NOW. Now works for my timeline.

But, God is up to something more. I need to trust in Him. He's got a much better perspective on this situation than I do.

So, I allowed myself one more day to sulk. One more day to kick my feet at the dirt, create a little dust storm and go to bed tonight asking for more strength, more faith, more hope and a renewed bounce in my steps tomorrow. To count my blessings and joys, not my sorrows.

God is my provider. I have an incredible husband and two terrific teenage boys. I have a wonderful mom and a great family. My friends and support team are many and I am truly blessed. AND I have two of the sweetest, most loveable, giggling little boys that are almost in my arms forever.

I am blessed.