Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kisses in the Wind...

Kisses in the wind
I hold you in my heart and touch you in my dreams.You are here each day with me, at least that’s how it seems.
I know you wonder where we are…what’s taking us so long.But remember child, I love you so and God will keep you strong.
Now go outside and feel the breeze and let it touch your skin…Because tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.
May God hold you in His hand until I can be with you.I promise you, my darling, I’m doing all that I can.
Very soon, you’ll have a family for real, not just pretend.But for tonight, just as always, I blow you kisses in the wind.
May God wrap you in His arms and hold you very tight.And let the angels bring the kisses that I send to you each night.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

WIthout them....

Well, hello again! We arrived back home Friday night around 1am in the morning. Needless to say, we had just an absolutely wonderful time with the boys.

Grandma really did such a wonderful job after Gary left! The boys really seemed to know that she was “someone special.” They hung all over her and just melted whenever she sang them lullabies. Momma was a huge support to me and I’m so grateful that she came so that I could spend more times with the boys and I’m so glad she got to meet her little babies, too.

Gary and I can really tell such a difference in the boys with the change in foster family. This second family has them in walkers (unheard of here in Guatemala!) and we can tell that they are just light years ahead of where they were developmentally in December. This is the first time that this mother has been a foster family and she says that she thinks of them as her children. We can tell how much she loves them! She has three grown children, two daughters 21 and 24 and a son, 19 who lives at home. She says that all of them just play with Austin and Logan all day long – we can really tell! They will fit right in with Mason and Evan who I’m sure will have them playing basketball and football a week upon coming home!

I was a little worried about their size (still wearing 3-6 months clothing), but all my sisters at RAMOM (Richmond Area Mothers of Multiples) completely reassured me that this is normal with premature twins. Shwew! A big sigh of relief!

I cannot believe that they are not here with me. It just seems surreal not having them in my arms. I feel like I am in such a fog. Additionally, on Saturday afternoon we received some really horrible news that may affect our entire adoption process. We are completely relying on God at this point to get us through and to deliver us to a quick and speedy positive outcome to this new development.

I know that when we see our boys again, they will probably have teeth, be walking and maybe even saying a few words. While I am so happy that they are healthy and active and adjusting, we cannot begin to explain the pain of not being there for all of those firsts. God has blessed us indeed with giving us two amazing boys and we cannot wait for God’s plan to unfold and unite us all together.

Again, your prayers and your support carry us through! We are so fortunate to have so many loving friends and family in our lives! God Bless and enjoy the new pictures!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

2nd visit trip Journal thoughts

Amazing difference! You recognized us!! We came into the lobby, around the corner and both your faces lit up when you saw us! That was so awesome. You came tous easily and we played from the get-go!!

Your new foster mother is just a dream and she and her sister and their family love you very much. That first night, you just dazzled us – you played so hard on the couch, banging on the ledge.

Daddy made you giggle right away – when you were on the bed getting your diapers changed. You both went for my necklace, like it was just yesterday that you had chewed on it.

In 7 short weeks, you guys have advanced so much – pulling yourselves up, walking on your tippy-toes….

Oh boy, but did you hate having your clothes changed – or rather your clothes put on. Scream, scream, scream.

No toofies yet, but we can feel them on the gums. And your FM says you have very sensitive skin and allergies? We kept you on Arbonne products and you did real well.

Logan – your smile still lights up the room, you give it so freely. Austin, you give the most quizz’acle looks, there’s so much going on inside!

You LOVED meeting Grandma! You seemed to know right away that she was someone special. You both tackled her with love and kisses. You loved it when she sang her lullaby to you – you didn’t even scream when she was changing your clothes as long as she was singing that lullaby.

You both loved your crazy momma – you loved to watch my hair flap around, when I sang my granddaddy’s rendition of O Solo Mia, you both went into peels of laughter!!

Story time – your first FM must have played my tapes all of the time! You both get so quiet whenever I read, you love my funny noises, and animal immitations. You guys also just love looking at the books and all the pictures.

You are both pretty musical, too. Austin can keep tune, or keep the beat already. And Logan sang back Gma’s lullaby to her,

You’re both talking up a storm, ba, babababababa….for minutes at a time!!

Logan fell in love with “Sock.” You love to be “boo” and mommy was playing with you in the stroller “ship.” Sock had fallen off and mommy was slinging it over the edge, saying boo. You suddenly got so sad because you thought sock was getting hurt – you pouted your little face and when I gave you sock to hold, your face lit up and you twirled sock in delight. Anytime sock went flying, you pouted again. You played with sock all night and even the next day.

Food – wow – we gave you pizza, breads, ff, ice cream…so many new things to try and you both just so great with them!

We had a few accidents, too. Austin hit his head on the big table in front of mommy, no bruise though. Logan fell out of the stroller onto the marble floor! No bruise though and then he hit his head on the dresser – got a bruise that time!

Austin – you are the greatest little poser – you like to lounge in various positions, all very comfy, but very entertaining!

Sleepin’ like little angels, your skin is SO soft and beautiful, your eyes, your toes, your lips – everything about you two is just perfect!

Playpen – once grandma and I made a playpen, you guys had lots of fun. The last two nights, mommy felt like I watched a little miracle on earth. You two actually played together. You went around the playpen, playing follow the leader on a self made obstacle course, but when you met in the middle, you would both wrestle around and Logan would make Austin just laugh and laugh and laugh – those were the best moments in mommy’s life so far!!

On the very last night, you even put yourselves to sleep after playing together!

The people we met – a couple from California, adopting their little girl. Twins! Sisters were there, one was adopting a 7 year old little girl.

God gave mommy 2 special moments, one encounter to reaffirm another adoptive mommy who thought the Guatemalans hated Americans and adoption – I told her because we had twins, just like in America, many people came up to us and they all were very friendly and very happy and told us how wonderful it was that we were adopting, she seemed very relieved and happy to hear that and I thanked God for allowing me to deliver that special reassurance.

Also – the family from California, felt unsure about their little girl and had doubts about what they were doing. I shared with her how I had felt a little overwhelmed and worried and how Robin had prepared me, she was a child physchiatrist, but felt relief upon hearing my words. Thank you, God.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Grandma arrives!

Grandma arrived safely and soundly yesterday, but a wee worn out. Her 6am flight arrived at 9am instead of 7am due to “the plane needing anew computer!” Yikes! And her flight to Guatemala was delayed about 40 minutes due to “runway congestion.”

All four of us surprised her and met her at the airport! By luck, mom was on the same flight as other friends of ours, Robin and Jeff who are here picking up either Austin’s or Logan’s future wife. Mira is 8 months old and it just a little princess!

Hours later, we were all settled in our room, Mom and I were on the couch with the babies, and yep – rumble, rumble, rumble, Mom and I started shaking away on the couch. The lamp shade started a swaying. And Momma said, “Are we having an earthquake?” Luckily, before we fully realized it was happening it was over. But, 7 floors up in a mostly glass building in a country you’re not familiar with, with 2 small babies in your arms – itz a wee bit scarey, or unnerving to say the least. There are 3 volcanoes near here and we’ve been admiring their view, but last night they took on new meaning! Hmm, are they active? Anyway, the evening proceeded with no more greetings from Mother Nature!

So, Gary left today and we miss him, but Mom and I are doing just fine.

Oh, and for those keeping up with the adoption process, we finally got Pre-Approval for one child (this is what is needed to get us into the last stage). We’re trying to figure out why we haven’t gotten both of them, but pray it will just arrive any minute now (it is e-mailed to us).
Chuga, chuga, chuga…..we’ll get there one day!

Thanks for all the prayers and support!!

All our love,

Grandma, Mom, Austin and Logan!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Our boys!

Hello all!

Boy we sure have been busy!! Gary and I flew out of Richmond yesterday right when the snow started. Things were a little iffy in Charlotte, NC – the snow and ice were quite heavy, but after we were “de-iced” our plane left only about 20 minutes behind schedule.

We had a great arrival, much hotter here than last time! Again, Austin and Logan were waiting for us in the lobby – at about 4pm!! They were so awesome, they recognized both of us immediately! We got big grins from them and they came to us right away. It was such a delicious moment!!

Their new foster mother cried when she left, I think she’s really been having a great time with them. The boys have not grown much, still wearing 3-6 moths clothing, but they are doing a LOT more – crawling, standing, pulling themselves up, and playing, playing, playing!

We spent the evening again running around gathering supplies (water, formula) from the mall. And we did not get internet access until this morning. So, we’re just now “relaxing!”

So, Grandma Barbie is on her way down here Monday – yippee! And we’ll try and keep the pics coming!

Oh, forgot – We were impressed that the boys are now sleeping thru the night – 10pm until 5am! That's all for now - I started this e-mail 2 1/2 hours ago - I'll check in soon!

Donna and Gary,
Austin and Logan,
Mason and Evan - hanging out at home

Daddy and the boys on our first night back in Heaven! Logan is in the yellow, Austin is the one further away!

Giggles galore!!

The couch provides lots of "safe" entertainment! Aren't those just the cutest little butts and thighs!!

Logan is in the green with the lizard tongue! And don't be fooled, we thought Austin was tired, too
...but they both just kept going and going and going!!!

Oh so much fun to be had!!!

Logan in the Johnny Jump Up...they didn't quite get the hang of jumping, but we left it with their foster mother and we're sure they'll be many jumping days ahead of them!!

Meet Logan - The Lizard Boy!

Austin after bath - so adorable!!

Logan after bath - he fell asleep 1 minute later!

Logan's first pizza!! Good stuff!

Daddy doing double duty...
Lunchtime in the strollers!!

Activate Wonder Twin Power...form of...?standing up little boys!?!
What? When did this happen?

Austin says, "Hey, no problem, Mama - we're almost ready to walk, too!"

Lizard Logan verifies that this is indeed a very sound structure and passes his inspection!

It's the first shot of the 4 of us!! They really, really loved the water!

Logan SO tired, he fell asleep in the middle of lunch!

Logan loves breaksfast! Isn't that just the cutest smile!!

Daddy and the boys first super bowl together!! (Logan is on the left, Austin on the right)