Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No.....not yet.

All these months, have you been sitting at home wondering
if Austin and Logan suddenly became better dressers?

Well, that would be a definite...nope!

Austin modeling size 24 months shorts?  Striking grey socks paired with brown shoes.

Logan choosing a bright ensemble of orange and red, accented with Halloween socks.

Next up, Logan (on the left) appears fairly conservative,
but he did sneak in a pair of my footies that hang way over his shoes.
Austin chose a patriotic theme for the day.

I just don't have the words.  
I asked him a few times...
Why?  Why the socks, Austin? 
But I never got a response....

And, the piece de resistance?

Yep, this little outfit got us quite the attention/comments on an evening trip to Chick Filet!

Sadly, the boots accompany several outfits these days.

Are they super hero boots?  Nope.
Astro boy boots?  Nope.

Then, why? you ask?

Duh!  Because. 
his "Comfy shoes!" 

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome Home, Nonnie!!

We went on our mini-vacay and then Nonnie went on a big trip up North. 
We haven't seen her in a LONG time!  

Gary wanted to surprise her with a little TLC to her flower beds.
(awww....such a sweet man, so glad I married him!)

So, he pulled a lot of weeds and mulched.

And we got the twins to make her two window boxes.

Logan showing the "before."

And Austin displaying the "after!"

We missed you, Nonnie! 

Welcome Home!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Time for the Big REVEAL!


Isn't it lovely!?!

Yes, it did take quite a few weeks to finish!
But OH so worth it!

The kids "lockers"

Gary built fishing pole racks and hung additional shelving for the tackle boxes.

And organized a bazillion tools!

We now have a much needed "extra" pantry!

Does this wall even need an explanation? 

Okay, now for a little Q&A.
Funny nobody really asked much during the contest.
But we got lots of questions AFTER!  ;-)
How did it get like this?

Well, first off, we're not hoarders!
(Although, we've seen the show.
And it's scarey!)

I won't go into too much detail.
But, in short, Mason and Evan's entire life belongings had been in a storage unit that was not being paid on.
And it was all going to be thrown out.
Gary drove to Florida, tried to sort out as best as he could, but there were just too many boxes.
So, he rented a U-haul and brought everything up here... our garage!
Over the years, we went through and found the boys belongings that they wanted to keep. 
Their baby albums, etc.
And unfortunately, we also needed to sort through and sell some items in an attempt to recover some of the huge debt incurred from paying off the storage unit and driving a U-haul a bazillion miles.

Just as we were windling down that pile.
..On the day Gary and I flew out of Guatemala with the twins.
My aunt passed away.
And she had graciously left us most of her stuff - to sell off to offset some of the adoption cost.
We were super grateful, but low on time.
So, once again....
U-haul + garage = storage unit!

We were very busy raising 4 boys.

And then, my dad passed away.

Then, my brother.

And more "Stuff" just kept getting shoved into the garage, the hopes that we would eventually get to it.
Sort it out.
Sell what needed to be sold
and keep what needed to be kept.
Donate/trash the rest.

We were way overwhelmed!
And that's why we are SOOOOOO
Grateful to ALL of you who voted and solicited (shamelessly) for additional votes or us!

And SOOO grateful to Lite 98, Clutter Cleaner, and The Closet Factory!

Over the last few months, Gary and I have been going through room by room and keeping up with the decluttering!  Mason's room is now a nice little office/craft room.  Our closets are not overflowing anymore.
It feels good to be able to "breath" in our "space!"

So, in case, we haven't said it enough....

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Impromptu Mini-Vay-Cay

Gary's car broke down. 
And he needed to hijack my car to get to the chaperone Evan's senior beach trip.
Rather than stay home alone with no car....we hopped in the car heading to the beach!

Evan was not thrilled.  ;-)
But, he recovered and actually came to the hotel we were staying at
for some swim time and got a good meal out of the deal, too!

Daddy and his boys at the beach!

Bee-YOU-Tee-FUl sunset!  I LOVE this time of the evening at the beach!

So do the boys, they wanted to go to sleep here!

"Here, Gary - lets take a self portrait!"

Logan at the pool!

Austin at the pool!

Riding their "bikes" in the pool! 

Austin surfin'

Logan just finished ridin' a wave!
(Both boys thought the salt water tasted GREAT! 
They "drank" it and licked their fingers ALL day long! ewwww!)

Logan jumping the waves with Daddy!

I call this one "Mommy, the human towel."

And here's me with the boys before an awesoem Putt-Putt adventure!!   


We had a great time!  Super relaxin'.  We don't get much down time or away time. 
And very little "family" time (Gary's and my days off never coincide).
So, this spur of the moment trip was an incredible blessing! 

"Special" memories/notes of the trip...

On the way there (5.5 hour drive), we stopped for lunch and Austin and Logan who have been going through the "I'm over you" stage of their relationship had a lit "run-in" at the Mc D's.
While we were waiting for our food (to go), some sort of "issue" developed over a straw
(never mind that Mc D has 1,000's of straws - the each wanted this ONE straw.)
Anyway, Austin took off running and Logan pulled the old "flip the foot"
that sent Austin sprawlin' right in front of all of the other customers. 
Knowing the battle was lost, I was trying to get the keys from Gary
and Gary is trying to point out to me that the kids are going crazy.
In the meantime, Austin gets up and retaliates against Logan
with a full-force shove sending him flying the other way.
Keys, Gary.
Donna!  The kids are attacking each other.
(And I'm spilling both of their drinks STILL trying to pry the keys out of Gary's hands).
Suddenly, the look on Gary's face drastically changes to horror
about the same time I hear loud GASPS coming from behind me. 
I turn to see the horrid looks of customers and Austin sprawled out on the floor again. 
By this time, I've finally wrestled the keys away.
Kept composure and just started walking out of the door.
I do take the time to smile calmly at the woman who hasn't bothered to close her mouth yet.
My look simply said, "All in a days work for me."
Later, I asked Gary what I had missed behind me.  He said that Logan body tackled Austin. 
At the pool yesterday, Logan was snuggiling under a towel on my lap and suddenly held up his arm,
"Mom - am I brown?  Is I?"
During the trip, Austin and Logan resumed best friend status and for the first time EVER,
played by themselves ALL day long.
People always tell me how lucky I am to have twins "that play with each other."
They don't realize that Gary and I are still expected to play with BOTH of them ALL the time. 
So, it was really, really neat to sit back and watch them entertain themselves. 
We also got sunburned because of it. 
At the Mongolian restaurant, Austin loudly asked the waitress "Why are you so short?"
Both boys kepts repeatingly telling us how THANKFUL they were for their vacation!
;-)  Us too, boys!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Life getting in the way of blogging!

Doncha hate that!

This week, we had in-laws and family arriving in town for Evan's BIG graduation day!

We are SO proud of Evan and can't wait to see what the future holds for him!

This week, there were lots of parties and celebrating.  The boys were up WAY too late EVERY night!  And yet, STILL awake very early every morning.  This made for a week of glorious, outstanding behaviour from them.  Or NOT!

They spent a whole day with their grandparents.  And behaved remarkably well!  They went to "Old" McDonalds, the mall, Walmart, the hotel, and for icecream!

And they came home with their new Big Boy bikes!!!  

Yep - our boys are now upgraded to 16 inch bikes....and they are requesting ramps.  NOT gonna happen.  Not gonner happen!

They also finally had their FOUR year old check-up.  And for the first time in three years, I went in armed with questions! 
Me: How much sleep SHOULD they be getting? 
Doc: 10 hours. 
Me: NOOO!  Not fair!  Not Fair!  Not Fair!  Shouldn't they be sleeping like 15!?!

Me: The potty training or lack there of?
Doc:  It happens
Me:  NOOOOO!  NOt Fair!  Not Fair!  Not Fair!!  Can't we send them away to Potty Training Boot camp?

Me:  They eat NON-STOP, ALL the time.  Shouldn't I be limiting the amount of food?
Doc: No.  Not really.  They're healthy, not overweight and they're growing.  And it sounds like they are eating mostly fruits and wholegrains, so I'm not concerned.
Me:  NOOOOO!  NOt Fair!  Not Fair!  We're feeding and cleaning ALL day long!! 

All of these questions were taking place in her office and despite my BEGGING,  BRIBING
 and (slightly) threatening their lives, neither twin sat STILL or QUIETLY during the Q & A.

Me:  Okay, THIS, this CONSTANT MOTION and ACTION.  THis INABILITY to SIT. STILL., for more than 2 seconds.  That can't be normal.  I mean COME ON.  (read: HELP ME!)
Doc:  They are some of the BEST listeners I've ever met.  I examined both of them completely in under 10 minutes.  Most 4 year old do not listen NEARLY as well.  Do you get complaints from school?
Me: um, no.  But, I mean - COME ON.  Seriously, LOOK at them, they do NOT sit still.  EVER!  (Except at school, or to veg out at TV, but even then, they're jumping around on the couch.)
Doc:  They're excellent listeners.  They did everything I asked.  They are just active.  They're vocab is amazing.  They can concentrate.  Focus.  I have no concerns.

But as a mom to twins herself, she smiles and says, but then again, they're not my children!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A milestone!

OKay!  I am SO excited!! This is HUGE!!

So....I've never seen Austin or Logan really draw a picture before. 
I even checked with their preschool teacher and she said that both boys had noticed other kids drawing and wanted to do it, but hadn't done anything yet.

I was thrilled when (LATE last night) Austin sat on the kitchen floor and with great focus and concentration set out to draw
"Mommy, a turtle, a lion and a Princess castle."  ;-)

He worked for a while and eventually, after a little frustration, morphed his turtle and lion into a moose. 

Then, he asked what my name started with.  I clarified if he meant "Mommy" or "Donna" and he said,
not who you are, Mommy.  But your NAME.

Okay, it starts with a "D." 
Austin holds up his fingers in the shape of every letter of the alphabet. 
So he put his crayon down and made a "C" with one hand,
and held up the index finger of the other hand to it - to make a D. 
"You mean like this, Mom?"  ;-)

Yes, baby.

And then he really surprised me when he drew Me out of the D.  ;-)

Ladies and gentleman, I give you "Mommy and the Moose!"


He also signed it throughout the can see the "A" and the "t" pretty clearly. 
I think the "s" went on another sheet of paper because he was having trouble with. 
Not sure if the "i" ever made it anywhere. 
But there is a lighter shade orange "n" above the "A" and the "t" and a red "u" under the Moose's mouth.

And the circles under my head?  "That's your belt, Mommy." 

Austin's first original artwork MAKES MY MONDAY!! 

For more great news, visit and play along with Cheryl and other cool gals over at

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time for tidbits!

More stories from the fascinating days of 4 year olds.

Overheard in the bathtub.  Austin, talking on a "penquin":  "Hold on, Mom - I'm gonna call ya back. She's sending me an e-mail."   Logan, talking on a "boat": "Oh, she's texting me now."

I should be glad there was no mention of facebook or bloggin! 

One day, I tried to  explain to Austin (and Logn) why Daddy works so much - Daddy works hard so that we can have all the things we need:  food, our house, gas for the car...etc.
A few dys later, Austin didn't want me to leave for work.  He ran up me, put his arms around me and was crying:
"Don't go to work:  We don't need to buy things.  You don't need to buy me anything." 


Logan questioning Daddy (also during bathtime), "Dad, do you still love us when you're mad?"  Yes.  "Do you still love us when we don't behave?"  Yep, I'll always love you. 

Logan turns to Austin, "Wow!  Just like Mommy!"

We stopped into Daddy's Arby's one night and a super sweet service/repairman and I got to talking.  Of course, he had been lulled in by the ever active and outgoing never met a stranger sons of mine.  But after about 10 minutes of conversation, Austin turned to him and rather loudly said, "I thought you were working?"

Nice.  Thankfully, we both laughed!
On the way home, I was talking to Austin on the phone.

"We just had a water fight with Daddy.  It was us gainst him.  It was SO much fun, Mommy!"

"Oh - that's awesome baby!  Did you guys do this inside or outside?"
"Um - inside"

I cringed, "Oh Austin!  Is there water everywhere?  Did yall make a mess?

He quietly responded with a little giggle "I'm jest kiddin' ya, Mom!  We didn't have the water fight inside!"  hahahahaha!

.....And the torch has been passed!
One evening, I hear the pitter patter of little feet that should have been asleep.  When I get to the stairs, I see Austin in a heap at the top, half asleep laying on the floor, butt up in the air,

"Austin, WHY are you up, sweetie? Why aren't you in bed."
Fully awake, he lifts his head, brows furrowed because I would even ask this question, he states the obvious, "Because Mom, I  need a snugglebunny."  (something I say ALL time when I want some precious cuddle time!)
We have no alleries (Thank you, God!).  So I'm surprised at the next two statements:
Austin playing on his Leapfrog gamester (something they rarely do).  "I'm allergic to this game.  It's boring on my DS." and walks away with the tude of a sulky teenager!

Logan shouts out, "Don't touch that - it's allergic!" when Austin was "playing" with an electric socket. (Why DO they place those right at EYE level on the side of the kitchen counter!?!)

Glad it's not just me: Logan got "kick-out" of a gymnastics class. What for...(wait for it)....not listening!

Gary has a talking'to with Logan and says he won't be able to go to gymnastics anymore if he can't listen to the coach.  Austin will have to go by himself,

Logan seems unphased, but Austin shouts out, "Nut'-uh. That's just not possible!"

Both boys have a killer sense of direction.  Last year when we were in California, Austin could tell us how to get to my aunt's house when we missed the turn! 

Logan always lets me know "we've never been down this street before"  "This is the way to Mommy's meeting"   "this is the way to Gould's Gym (really Gold, but not the way they say it!)  

It doesn't matter if it's been two years, they'll know the way we're going!  


Adam's (there new sitter) observations after two days with them:
They can put away SOME food!
They go and go and go
Logan is obsessed with basketball
They have a REALLY good memory!

Have I mentioned that Logan is OBSESSED with sports!

Every morning, his first words are about some sport,
"Mommy, is today my first soccer game?  What team am I gonna be on?  Can I go run the bases today?"
He can recognize a team jersey anywhere...and always shouts it out to every person wearing it.
"You're a football player for ...."  "That's a (name of high school) basketball jersey!"
He will sit and watch sports on TV all by himself.
And yell at the tv
and pic a team to root for
and a favorite player
and he usually picks the best ones.

This fall will be the first time they will be on an official team. An organized sport.  Other than the basketball "camp" they had last winter.  They will be playing soccer.  I know it's going to begin a LONG journey of never ending seasons and practices and running around....I'm glad we haven't do it until now!
Southern accent!

My boys' accent are so thick I can't even understand it some days!

Logan especially.  He now says "er" for "are"  "Where 'er we going Mommy?"

This morning while watching tv, he said, "Mommy, will you buy my a kick for my birthday?"  Austin and I kept asking him what a "kick" was?  I finally figured out he meant "cake" - but Austin demanded to know "Well, why did you say kick Logan if you wanted a cake?  Why not just say cake?"  ;-)

We also say "Te amo" for I love you.  Logan likes to say this several times a day, but he always stumps me, when he will randomly blurts out, "Tiger'mo, Mommy.  Tiger' mo!"  He really, really says it that southern!

Logan also likes to hold up the signing language sign for "I love you" - where you hold your middle and ring fingers down and the others left up represent the I the L and the U.  During their preschool musical when Logan saw me, he held up those three fingers and waved his hand back and forth to me.  I thought it was SO precious until my brother leaned over and say "Isn't that the devil worship sign?"   Noooooooooo! 

Logan alwasy says he's gonna marry me!  Then, when he gets mad at me, as he scuffs away, arms folded across his chest, he'll turn back around with a scrunched up face and shout, "I'm NOT gonna marry you, Momma!"   
To which I alwasy reply, "Well, I'm still gonna marry you!"
My words again:
Both boys like to remind me of my "responsibilities" and "consequences" and "priviledges."  It's just so funny to me to hear these big words come out of my little babies mouths! 


And FINALLY, I'll leave you with a special little lullaby Austin sang his baby kitty (Logan).  He sang it very sweetly and quite beautifully.  They were on the floor and I was in the chair with my laptop open, so it's typed word for word. 

"When the winddddddd,
blowsssssss you out
'the street
and then
walk abyyyyyyy kitty
rock-a-by kitty.

Gooooooo to sleep
go to sleep
on the street
then the wind blows offffffffff
then it bringssssss you
to go to a house
thennnnnnnn you slept.

Then the winddddd
And thennnnnn you went to Santa Clause
Then he flew you out of the wind
whennnnnnn the wind
Then the wind
 cries for the night
then the sun rose today
and then the water fountainnnnnn
came on my kitty
then it FELL way on my kitty! 

When the blowssssssssssss"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hate Crime

Pure evilness. 

A hate crime has been committed in our house. 

Remember this prized trophy.  Austin won it for finding the most eggs at the Chruch Eater Egg hunt.

And he placed high up on a shelf for pure, proud showcasing-ility!

Well, Logan got mad at Austin. 

and went looking for the trophy.

And intentionally, hurfully, angerly broke it.

Right in Austin's face.

The evidence:

(see the left side?)
Austin was sooooooooooooooo upset. 


Good thing Daddy packs a lot of magic and superglue.  
It will probably break easily , but for now it's fixed. 

And for what it's worth, Austin and Logan were best friends again
about 5 minutes after The Incident!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What we're doing this summer...

Here's some snapshots of what our summer's already looking like.

Picnicking at Nonnie's

Playing with water guns

Riding our "tractors"

Showing off our cute booty

Riding bikes and playing with worms!

Par-tay'in it up with this gentle giant while Mom's at work. 
Adam is a friend of our older brothers and goes to our church. 
And he's a REAL college basketball player. 

Thanks MOM for hirng us the BEST babysitter EVAH!!!  ;-)  
(Evan - we will always worship you, though!  You're still our favorite brother!)

And a whole lotta laughing and lookin' cute!

But nowhere near ENOUGH of this: