Saturday, January 31, 2009


Austin and Logan have recently become big ole fans of Diego. And Dora. In fact, their Spanish has improved greatly since watching Diego. Last week, I was "chasing" Austin trying to get him dressed and when I caught him, he yelled at to Logan, "Ayudeme, Logan. Ayudeme!" (Help me in Spanish - I was very impressed!) They also both yell "Corle, Corle!" when they run. Too cute!

Okay, so we got notice that Diego and Dora were coming to the mall and even though it was during nap time, we couldn't let the opportunity go by! And of course, Honorary Triplet and Co-Diego Fan, Van ( just had to come along with us!
Here are the three amigos moments before meeting Diego LIVE and IN PERSON!
A little fun and wild play in the dressing room to help re-divert all that extra energy.
And then, Diego arrives!
Okay - look at Austin,
He just really could not believe Diego was here. He was SO shy!
Nonnie was crushin' hard on Diego! ;-) (Do you see how Austin still won't lift his head up!)

Three very proud animal rescuers call it a night!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Go Diego Go!

Friday, January 23, 2009

FFF - New!

This week's theme is "new." Here's a picture of Austin and Logan watching our new president - history in the making!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things that go "Bump" in the middle of the night and other miscellaneous stories...

Warning: Long post ahead... ;-)


First up - Nicknames. Who's Peat-ah?

About a weak ago, in one of my only (documented) Mommy-Meltdowns-Evah, as I was being inundated with "Mommy, I want...." Mommy, can you...." "Mommy....", "Mommy" , Mommeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" in stereo, Dolby surround sound, I shouted, er calmly mentioned (?) that I was not Mommy anymore!! (I know the years of counseling ahead!)

This statement did however, seem to get their attention. "Mommy, you're not Mommy?" "No, I', Peter." ;-)

"Mom, you Peat-ah?"


And. so. it. began.

Now, I hear: "Mommy? Mommeeeee? Mommmmmmmmmmmmmeeeee?" Then, silence, and it comes: "Excuse me, Peat-ah?"
"Yes, baby?"

Why I chose Peter? No clue. But stuck it has.

Then, a few days ago, my "Logan? Logan? Loooooooo-gan???" was met with "No. No, Mommy - I'm not Logan."

"Oh - well then, who are you?"
"I'm Balm-Balm."

"As in, "Balm....she-balm.....bum-bum, she-balmmmmm-balm. Balm....she-bum-bum-bum, Balummmmmm-balm?" A handy tune I often hum!

"Yes! Balm-Balm."

"Okay, Austin - Mommy is Peter, Logan is Balm-Balm - who are you?"
"Horsey! neigh!!!!"

Peat-ah, Balm-Balm, and Horsey! Got it?

Somewhere around the holidays, Austin started wrapping his arms around my neck and saying, "Mommy - I love you too much!"

......Sure, some say it's a combination of "too" and "so much."

I say: "Austin, I love you too much, too, baby!"

...melts mah heart!


Last night, Logan fell out of bed. And not just out of his big boy bed. But out of Mommy and Daddy's bed. With the extra thick mattress way high off the ground. We're not sure what happened, but he fell HARD!! Scary stuff. He never went groggy on us, though. He was very "lucid" and alert, woke up easily and only minimally complained of pain early this morning. The knot though, was HUGE! Actually he had two knots - yikes!

You sort of have to look around the scratch to see the swelling and the bump!

And bump two is up in the hairline. The pictures really don't do the bumps justice, but as of bedtime, both bumps' swelling has gone down significantly. yay! Another trip to the ER thwarted!

I have lots more to blog about, but I want to include this video, so I'll be back quickly with another post!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Extreme Toddler Gymnastics

....or 'mas-ticks as Austin and Logan call it.

Wednesday was Austin and Logan's second day of gymnastics. Once again, my friend Anne steered me in the right direction. This is right up Austin and Logan's alley, although Mommy has a wee bit of a heart attack each time we go (Even if you don't want to watch the whole video, you gotta watch the last 55 seconds to see why Mommy needs a Big Girl drink at 'masticks!!).

Austin and Logan are the only two in the class, so it's kinda like private lessons! They start out doing exercises and warm ups and then they run through these series of "obstacle courses."

I'm amazed. The boys are doing flips, cartwheels, hanging, swinging on rings, everything. Oh and of course, flying!! Once you see the video, you'll see why they wake up every day wanting more gymnastics.

(Austin and Logan are in a big ole gym and Nonnie and I are in the "waiting room" area, I'm videotaping through glass obviously!)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Daddy's gotcha...


Austin has begun to constantly wrap an arm around Logan and say "Come on, Daddy's right here. Daddy's gotcha." So, there's lots of sweet hugging in our pictures lately!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Families Del Sol!

That's the name of our local Guatemalan Adoption Group. They have scheduled activites once a month and it's amazing how often we aren't able to go.

However, we were able to make it this past weekend. We got together at a local church, hung out in the nursery, read Guatemalan books, made a Guatemalan craft (worry dolls) and played on the playground. LOTS of fun!

(Don't even look for Austin and Logan, they were the only two NOT sitting on the floor during story time!)
They did both make their worry dolls, though.
And the results; three Worry Dolls (a.k.a. Scarey VooDoo dolls)!

This is Emily and her posse. The boys had a blast following Miss Emily around and we are SO looking forward to more playdates!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Jingle Bells!

While we were packing up Christmas, Austin and Logan got a hold of two Santa hats and had a little fun!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Part 2

Getting ready for the Big Man....pouring him a glass of milk...

Writing him letters, "Dear Santa I want stickers and Diego back packs. I love you."

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus.
Night-night Baby Jesus.

Hanging up their stockings...

And then - the big day! Coming downstairs...(We're SO lucky that they like to sleep in. Christmas morning didn't start until 9:00 AM for us!). When the woke up, they heard everybody talking downstairs and said, "Santa's here!!" Ugh, Not quite - Santa came, but Santa's not here. He brought you presents and then had to go deliver more.

Santa brought us a train table! Woo-hoo!! Seriously, Christmas could have ended right here! At least for Austin it could have. Logan had to carry the weight of opening most of the presents!

"Hey - Santa ate the cookies! And the reindeer ate their carrots!"

"I got Bubbles in my stocking!"

Opening their "big" gift - Deigo Rescue back packs:

Below is a great little story - see all the people laughing...

During an insane moment, I thought it would be neat if the boys went Christmas shopping for everyone. So a few days before Christmas (I wanted it to be fresh in their minds), we went to the Dollar Store. Truth be told, this is an idea I've taken from my best friend, Anne who thankfully joined us with her three children on our shopping trip. Both Austin and Logan carried a basket and I'ld say, "Okay - find a 'prize" ('prize = surprise = present) for Nonnie." And luckily one of them would always hold up something for that person and out it in their basket. Midway through our shopping trip, we had to sit down (amidst the chaos of the Dollar Store) and I completely emptied their 'overflowing' baskets and as I put items back in, I'ld say, "Okay - who is this for?" Mason. "And this?" Daddy. etc. However, I also got a lot of "Me! It's mine ga-prize!"

During the day on Christmas Eve, I pulled out all the presents and together we "wrapped" them - in easy to fill bags. I held up all the gifts again and they pretty much stuck to their original purchases. "Who's this for?" Uncle Barney.

So, during a lull Christmas morning, Austin and Logan distributed their gifts, "Merry Christmas, Patsy." "Merry Christmas, Lory!" and I told everyone that Austin and Logan hand picked their gifts.

Needless to say, there was much laughter as these gifts did come from the Dollar Store. I wish I had taken more pictures. Mason got a Monkey face puzzle, Nonnie got a pretty note pad. Patsy was supposed to get pretty smelly stuff, but when Lory opened up her plastic pig, Austin snagged it and said, "NO - that's Patsy's!" and made them switch. One of the funniest gifts was my brother Mitch's - a nice blue hat!
Anyway, I thought it was a pretty cool tradition that we'll keep for future years!

Overall, Christmas this year was a very good, nice day. We stayed put (despite Evan's outcry of "What, we're NOT going to Grandma's (Nonnie's)!?! We go there EVERY year!). It was just easier and more relaxing not to have to pick up and move everything midday. We had a nice big brunch. A long, leisurely day and Austin and Logan really spent the whole day just playing with and opening presents. It was just wonderful!