Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Or better titled: "An Adventure in Total Chaos!"

On a daily basis, the boys entertain themselves. Heck, they even entertain us non-stop. So, I guess because we haven't had to seek much "outside" entertainment, the boys (nor us) haven't had much exposure (okay nil) to things like Chuck-y-cheese, Romp n Roll gyms, Mommy and Me music classes etc.

But we received gift certificates to Build-A-Bear from Grandma and Grandpa Taylor, so we excitedly took the boys there yesterday not having a clue what to expect! When we entered, the store was empty. We explained we were rookies and asked for assistance. The nice little guy told us that Austin and Logan (or rather "we") pick out their bears (minus the stuffing) first. Then head to the sound station (if we wanted to add sound inside the bear), then off to the "stuffing" station, then the "bathing" station and then we pick out outfits and lastly, we make our own birth certificates.

So, off we started. Two bears, similar, but different. Check.

Sound insert. Skip.

Stuffing Station. Oh, here I remember to snap off a few pictures of the big day.

Step on that pedal, boys and fill your bear.Austin's brown bear is stuffed. Logan's is getting finished. (But note what's in his hands and notice the shelves in the background.)

Okay, throw your bears up here for a "bath."

And step on this pedal to blow air and bathe your bears.

And then, the rest of the adventure was a blur! Very comical, in fact. Apparently, ten minutes was the max of their attention span.

All of the shelves in Build-A-Bear are child level (go back to previous picture for a visual). This translates to Austin and Logan having the ability to sling every item off of their hooks. Like Bear shoes. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, pairs flying off with ease. While we try and grab the shoes (flung at a remarkable distance), Austin and Logan move about the store, flinging items left and right. Gary and I ditch the bathing station, somehow grab a basketball uniform and football outfit while picking up and replacing misc. shoes, purses, inflatable cars and other bear-necessities. The store is now filled with 30 other customers and one of the two employees has gone on break. Between the shelves, counters, other customers and Gary's and my mission to dress the bears, we loose visual contact with Austin and Logan approx 50 times.

Our conversations go like this:

Here's an NBA outfit, can you find something to coordinate or should we go with two NBA outfits?

Oh, here's a football outfit.

Great, do you see Austin?"

No, Logan is throwing hats out of that bin, though.

Got him, where's Austin? (me picking up hats)

Oh, here are some sneaker's for Logan's bear.

Gary, where is Austin?

Right by you, Donna, he's pushing the bear wheelchair

Oh, sorry, well, then where's Logan?

Oh, Gary, Logan, get him. He's running way down there, he's got 4 empty bear skins in his hands.

I scoop up Austin, two bears, one NBA outfit, one Football outfit, one pair of sneakers and head to the Birth Certificate computer area.

Gary, Austin's bear still needs cleats or something.

Logan, honey (think of Barney's song) "clean-up, clean-up, clean-up all the sunglasses."

I start filling out data to obtain our bear's birth certificate. Austin is by my side. Or not? I stand to get visual, I scan the store. nothing.

Gary, do you have Austin? No, but I found cleats and two drawstring sports bag and Logan is now watching a little girl stuff her bear.

Okay, take over the gift certificates, I'll look for Austin.

Two laps around the store and nothing. Panic. Then, I remember the fountain. For some remarkably cruel reason, they keep the doors to Build-A-Bear open. So, I go outside (with a bear still in tow). and Austin is right there. Laughing and running around the malls' fountain.

Oy! Pick him up, and head back in.

Gary, try and get them in the stroller. I'll finish up.

Two birth certificates. check.

Gary loads up the boys. I wait in line, behind the other 30 customers who lapped up and left us in the dust. Clearly they are not first timers.

One hour later.

Two Bears. check. Stuffed and semi-bathed. check.

One NBA outfit. One NFL outfit. check. check.

Two coordinating pairs of shoes. check.

Two sportbag accessories. check.

Two Cute "bear houses." check.

Mini football. check.

Mini basketball. MIA! Must be buried in the hat bin!

Home at last with the bears and the boys. And they LOVE them! Loved dressing them, love hauling them all over the house.

Priceless! Thanks Mom and Dad Taylor!


Our Family of 5 said...

OH Donna! I laughed my butt off reading this!! I had the same experience with one. I can't imagine 2..Laughing! The bears are adorable! Do the boys sleep with them? Sophia got a bunny and that bunny goes everywhere with us...I mean everywhere!! Hats off to you and Gary for surviving your first Build a Bear experience! Now your pros so you will be fine your next time around..LOL

Bobbi said...

I laughed so hard I cried!! I can just imagine what it was like. Ihave been there a few times, and I left needing a nap!!

Steph said...

Oh my gosh!! I am laughing so hard!! Hysterical!!

Donna said...

Very cute! I imagine with 4 kiddos you do not sit much. I haven't braved build a bear with Ava, I'm still recovering from Chuck E Cheeses!


Guatmama said...

Who needs photos when you can tell a story like this! I laughed out loud...this is how a real trip to Build a Bear goes...

Gwen (Mia's mom) said...

I don't know how you do it with 2 kids! We haven't attempted a Build a Bear trip and after that story I don't when we are going to! Love the pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! I could picture your "chaos". Too funny! It will get better. I love my twins...but yikes, the older they get, the sweeter it gets!!!!
I have to confess, our trip was a bit crazy, but not quite as fun as yours!