Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I came across this interview online (whilst looking for one about Father's for that special little holiday last month...sorry Gary, I'll getcha next year!).

I interviewed Austin and Logan separately and even a few weeks apart. 

1. What is something mom always says to you?
A: Go get dressed
L: Stop! Stop! Stop and Stop!

2. What makes mom happy?
A: don’t poo in your pants
L: kisses!

3. What makes mom sad?
A: her brother went up in heaven
L: Touching her computer

4. How does your mom make you laugh?
A: tickles me
L: tickles us

5. What was your mom like as a child?
A: I don’t know, maybe we can look it up on your computer:
L:  a baby, awwwww, 4 years old….. precious

6. How old is your mom?
A: 40
L: one years old
(together, they add up right!)

7. How tall is your mom?
A: inches tall
L: (at this point, he “measures me” and counts out, 1,2,3, and answers) Four foot talll

8. What is her favorite thing to do?
A: she likes to play and likes to work
L: ride bikes with us (I don’t even have a bike)

9. What does your mom do when you're not around?
A; she says Austin? Austin? What are You doing?:
L: I don’t know, but she’s scared

10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for?
A:  (no answer)
L; so so bad (?)

11. What is your mom really good at?
A: ping pong and soccer (I don’t think I’ve ever played either with him)
L: teaching us stuff

12. What is your mom not very good at?
A: not good at jumping on the trampoline, not doing flips (for the record, I'm very good at the trampoline, just not the flips part)
L: riding a bike

13. What does your mom do for a job?
A: is to work
L: Spends money (little mixed up, eh?  lol)

14.What is your mom's favorite food?
A: fish ( can’t even tell you the last time we had Salmon, but I do love it)
L: broccoli (?)

15.What makes you proud of your mom?
A: when I win the champion at soccer
L: listening

16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
A: Um, I don't know....maybe Madascasgar,
Me:  Madacasgar?  Really?  (it's not a movie we watch that often) but which character? (I'm wondering giraffe, lion's Momma, the hippo?)
A:  Maybe Ricco
Me: Ricco?  Oh, one of the penquins?  Which one is he?
A: He's the one that throws up all the time
Me:  Austin!?!  Why is Mommy like that?
A: I don't know, I guess because he spits up all the things they need all the time.
Me: awwwwww......Austin that was a really, really good answer.

L: Batman, because that’s my favorite character

17. What do you and your mom do together?
A: we go back down the car (down the driveway) without our seatbelts on
L: get married

18. How are you and your mom the same?
A: We both like Busch Gardens
L: (no answer)

19. How are you and your mom different?
A: she has long hair and I don’t
L: you're big and I’m a little

20. How do you know your mom loves you?
A: cuz you learn me (taught) "te amo"
L: because she says that

21. What does your mom like most about your dad?
A: his tools and his princess wand tool (LMAO!!!)
L: marrying him

22. Where is your mom's favorite place to go?
A:  to the park
B: Chucky! (cheese)

Anything else you’ld like to say?
A: No scooter in the street.
L: Car! Go to the side (curb)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fresh LemonAid!!!

My office participates in the Anthem LemonAid Stand
and when I told the twins that we would be working a shift the next dayselling lemonaid,
that went ape wild on me! 


They couldn't go to bed,  They were too excited.

They kept asking me if I really, really meant it!

They "practiced" all night selling lemonade to Daddy and I. 
The next morning they woke up rearing to go -
except first,we had to finish VBS,
and then we had to "kill" some time swimming in Van's pool.

Finally, it was time to go! 

To say the boys were excited....well, truly, that would be a very mis-leading understatement. 

EcSTatic!  Beside themselves?!  Hog Wild to be "cookers."

I was so surprised they needed no prompting. 
We arrived at the stand and they immediately started yelling,
okay, "screaming" 
FRESHHHHHH  Lemonladddddddde!!!  Get your Freshhhhhhhhhhhhh  LemonLaddddde!   

"Look! A customer!"

Can you believe - some people walked by without even speaking?
They earned some LOUD groans from my two!

Lulled by the promise of an exciting, GREAT time, Van joined us in the fun!
Raise noise levels 2 more decibles!

The boys even gave out lemons, stickers and balloons to each lucky purchaser.
And truth be told, they gots lots and lots of "extra" donations just for being so stinking cute!

Our three Lemonheads:

(looking tough!....cuz that's what a lemon hat will do to you....)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pool time!




Mommy and Austin


Logan and Eli enjoying a popcycle!

Mommy and Logan


Believe it or not, it was actually "cold" this day and the boys jumped up on me to snuggle up and get warm.
I LOVE this photo, because this is how I will always picture me and the twins.
This is how we spend most of the time together - snuggled up!
They're getting bigger and bigger, but thankfully they both still fit in my arms together!

We came up for a smile once we were all warmed up!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation Bible School

This summer, we were able to take advantage of VBS at Nonnie's church. 
Triplet Van joined us in on the fun.

They gave us an iron-on to put on a shirt for the last day.

We all know that Austin and Logan's obsession is basketball or "sport" clothing,
so I didn't bother going out to buy brand new t-shirts to put these iron-ons on.

But when the boys woke up on the last day of VBS,
they were ECSTATIC to see their SonQuest Rainforest t-shirts!

They thanked me all morning long for "making" their shirts.

Logan can't stop looking down and admiring his shirt.

They are soooo proud of them!

I feel really, realllllllllllllly bad for
um, well, heeheeeheee,
stickin' their iron-ons on some old size 2/3 tee's! 
For the record, I had them try the shirts on first, but I think I just looked at the shoulders which fit.
Didn't realize I would be outfittin' them in some belly -exposin' -Brittany tees!

They're still ca-yute!

"Look - a BEEEEEEEEE!"

(Any flying insect is a bee!)
"Hold still, Austin.  I think he landed on your shoulder."

Warms my heart every time I see this!!

And of course, the highlight of the week....
Attending the end of the week presentation!
We are STILL singing ALL of these songs!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dinner out!

Somehow this weekend, we actually managed to have dinner out at a restaurant.

Although there were several "edpisodes" while we were trying to get dressed and out the door, that I thought for sure, we weren't gonna make it.

I swear, FOUR has been the roughest age so far...on my patience, at least.   Anyway, after several, "Do you two want to go, or not?  Cuz you're sure not acting like two well-behaved little boys." we managed to get ourselves OUT the door!

And yes, I used my bargaining chip: "If you want to go to dinner with Daddy and me, then I get to pick out your clothes!"

They looked thrilled, right?
Logan on the right, "Cheezzzzz."
Austin, "Whatevahhhhhh...."
By the way - I had one orange shirt and one white one....but Logan wanted an orange one with a pocket, too. 
Thank goodness - we had one or we NEVER would have made it out of the house!! 
I'm not a fan of the way they look together....but then again, I do consider the outfits leaps and bounds above the self-chosen competition!

Some posing pre-dinner date.

Again, I have to give a big shout to the twins who eat like champs! 
We skipped over the children's meal and ordered them Chiken Alfredo with aspargus.  YUM! 
They scarfed it up,  They also ate our salads.  
And when the warm bread arrived, Austin enhaled the aroma with his eyes shut and said,
"mmmmmm!  Smells heavenly!" 
These boys know GOOD food! 

Some after dinner, clothes-stained shots!

Logan (above and below)

and Austin (two pics below)

OH - it was so nice to get out, have a nice meal, a bottle of vino,
and (for the most part) two well behaved children!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Extended camping...

You might remember awhile back, we went camping.

I'm happy to report that we ended up camping out for about a week.

The boys even managed to sleep in the tent most nights! 
As long as Daddy slept on the couch.

One day we drank hot chocolate
(apparently, this is something you do when camping...?)
We made flashflight puppets on the tent walls.
The boys zipped up ALL the openings and hid it in several times!
All guests and visitors were invited INTO the tent. 
Okay, truthfully, they were EXPECTED to go into the tent.
Mommy had to explain that the Fed-Ex driver was excused from camp.

And on the last day of our camping, we roasted marshmellows!

Roasting marshmallows is very, very serious!

(Again, this is my kind of camping!! )

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More everyday'ness...

While helping me out in the kitchen, I asked Logan to grab me a pair of scissors. 
But when he opens the utility drawer a little too hard, it comes all the way out of its tracks and the contents of the drawer go flying onto the kitchen floor. 
Upon seeing the items on the floor and one item in particular,
both boys YELL "Sharpie!!!!" and high tail it out of the room.  ;-) 

I giggle and think...
"ahhhhhh......My work here is done."

I have taught them well. 
(And, go, figure, they have actually learned.) 

If all goes according to plan, it will be High School before they learn the true meaning of a Sharpie. 
For now, I'm sticking with, "Sharpies are VERY, VERY dangerous!  VERY! 
If you ever touch one, INTENSE pain will follow and you can NEVER undue it! 
So, boys, whenEVER you see a Sharpie, RUN!  RUN like the dickens!!


One evening, Gary had started the bath. 
Boys get in.  Gary starts laundry. 
I head upstairs to finish bath.   I pass Gary on the stairs. 
Boys have been alone maybe 40 seconds? 
But I can hear them playing and giggling as I enter the bathroom. 
Surprise!  Surprise!  I immediately see that my
"Always CLOSE the shower curtain to avoid massive amounts  of water OUTSIDE the tub"
rule is not being followed. 
As I approach the tub to close the curtain, I am quite shocked to see 4 or 5 bath towels IN the tub.

"OH my GOODNESS!!! WHY?  WHY are all of Mommy's towels IN the tub!?! 
WHY?" I loudly shrieked.

Austin very unaffected, but a little concerned for my in-his-mind irrational behaviour:
"Mom. (If he were a teenager, the word "Chill!" would have been inserted here). 
Because we was just doing our laundry."
And rolls his eyes.


Logan has always been extremely ticklish on his back and his neck.  
When he was little, my kisses (on those two areas) would elicit many giggles. 
And being the big fan of tickles and giggles, I could never resist raising the tickle factor a notch or two by flicking my tongue back and forth under his chin/neck area.

End result:
I have a child who will sit on my lap. 
Throw his head back, fully exposing his neck and none too shyly, all too loudly shout,
"LICK me, Mommy!  LICK me!"



As twins, Austin and Logan seem to share a lot of the same space. 
They sit together.  On top of each other.  They'll even stand together sometimes. 
Whenever Logan stands behind Austin, Austin giggles because Logan's breathing tickles him. 
Of course, Logan exagerates his breathing to (like his Mommy) maximize the tickle factor. 

End result: 
Austin will now run up to me, snuggle up/lean against me, and none too shyly, all too loudly shout,
"SNIFF me, Mommy!  SNIFF me!"


In case, you don't fully see the humor in this, imagine being out in public - a restaurant, a movie, whatever and your (loud) children are circling you (in their crazy self-dressed outfits) shouting
 "SNIFF me, Mommy!  LICK me, Mommy!"


Along the whole twin line thing, Austin has recently started identifying himself  a LOT when he's talking.  More so in the car, but it goes something like this:  "I need a drink, please, Mommy It's ME, Austin." 
Or I'll say "Who got a gold star at school today?"  "Mommy, I did!!  It's ME, Austin!"

Nevermind, that I can clearly distinguish their voices apart.  I guess he's just tired of people mixing them up, so he goes to extra lengths to "pre-identify" himself. 

I, of course, have started responding, "Here's your drink, Austin.  It's ME, Mommy!"


After dinner the other night, (and after the grocery strore run where Austin managed to sweet talk quite a few extras into my cart), the boys were enjoying their special yogurt snack when Gary said, "Alright boys, can we get some spoons or something?  That's no way to eat a yogurt!"

Heeheehee - Gary doesn't watch too many kids tv commercials these days, does he?

I don't think he really believed me when I said, "Uh...yeah...they're called Crushables.  That's how you're supposed to eat them......really.....It is.  That's the whole concept......I have no idea why.  It just is!"

"This" close....

The other night, I made a quick decision to head out to the grocery store. 
Daddy was home. 
Logan was still drowzy from an afternoon nap. 

I told Austin he could come with me.

Males in my house do not care for this modern thing called clothing.
So, leaving meant having to get Austin dressed.

I thought I'ld use my
if-you-wanna-go-to the-store with Mommy, I'm leaving NOW "dire sense of urgency,"
to sneak in a Mommy-outfit.

I thought I did pretty good, don't you?
It was cute and even on the "normal" side of the dress code.
Cute little jean shorts.
Little surfer shirt.

And again, with massive amounts of "urgency/there's NO time to waste!"

I tasked Austin with grabbing a quick pair of shoes. 

My vision was crocks or flops.

His version?! 
Christmas socks and brown shoes.

I was soooooooo close to a "respectable" outfit!  ;-)
I should've known he'ld find a way to sneak in HIS version of proper attire!  LOL

And on top of that shoe combo, I noticed something else going on with his face...

Looks wet, doesn't he?
The boy had "put lotion" on his face and "gel" (read: more lotion) in his hair.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Side effects

Austin and Logan made it an entire 14 months without getting sick.  Going to preschool, church and everything else we do, that's pretty amazing.

However, it does have it's downside - like a Mommy who's not too schooled in doling out medicine.

In typical twin style the boys got sick a few days apart.  Austin went in to our pediatrics office.  Logan went to an urgent care facility.  We got two different types of meds, two different colors, two different dosages.  .....Or. were. they???

With Austin, we were told to have him eat yogurt to offset "loose" stools.  Even though he happily ate the yogurt, he did have a blow out or two.

Until.  Mommy realized we were giving him meds 3xday instead of 2.  And he even had a higher dosage (200mg) more than Logan. 

End result (pun intended), Austin climbs into my bed one night/early morning, having shed his britches  en route, lays down, eyes never fully opened.  Before I can ask him what's up, he grabs his ankles, throws them in the air (exposing his bottom) and says half-asleep,

"I just need some butt-creme, please."   ;-) 

(insert imaginary image here)

Sorry, baby - Mommy will be sure and read and re-read all future medicine bottles!


While in the living room drinking one of my super-tasty, fruit filled (milk snuck in) smoothies, Logan comes barrelling full speed out doing the silent cry! 

He jumps into my arms, legs kicking, scream released, howling away.

I try to yell at Austin, fully convinced he's at fault, if not at least aware of what happend.

Logan's oxygen intake levels off and he's finally able to start blurting out, "My nose!  My nose!! It hurtsssssssssssss, Mommy!!!!  Oweeeee!  Oweeeeeee!!!"

Ahhhhhhh - "Sweetie, did you drink the WHOLE smoothie ALL at once?  And too fast?"

Poor baby cried for a full ten minutes!

Lesson learned there, too! 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My style....