Monday, January 31, 2011

Daddy Day!

Last Wednesday, it was Daddy Day at preschool!
Both boys took much delgiht and glee sneaking around the house
(peering around corners for Daddy)
and filling me in on all of the special activiteis they had planned for the moening:
doughnuts, juice, a special song!

Austin - ever concerned about fashion,
declared he was DRESSING uP that day for his DADDY!
and Logan easily followed suit:
(Logan, left.  Austin, right)
 Aren't they the most handsomest things you've ever seen?

The boys with "their" girlfriend: 

(Logan, left.  Austin, right)
We didn't even plan that amazing coordination between our ties and her dress!
Meant to be!
(Austin, left.  Logan, right.)

Austin and his"construction" for Daddy.

Logan and his creation.

Singing their song for their Daddy!

(Can't wait, Mommy and Nonnie get to go to Mommy's Day on Feb 14th!)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Superhero Sunday!!

What could be better than an afternoon spent with good friends (Van and Zak),
good snacks (cheese puff balls!),
a good flick
and wearing your favorite (of the day) Superhero Costume?

Ironman (aka, Van), Spiderman (aka, Zak), Blue Ninja (aka, Logan) and Green Ninja (aka, Austin)

Notice in both pictures, Zak and Logan
are front and center, paying attention and posing!
And check out Zak's fashion forward pairing of some Car slippers with the Spidey suit! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Logan - 2, Mommy - 0

I was raised with boys.
I grew up between my two brothers.
Seems to me we just always wrestled.
I wrestled with Evan, too.
Mason, not so much.
He was always bigger than me!

So, I wrestle with my boys now.
I throw them around a lot.
and tickle them to pieces.
And it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.
Like me.  

Two years ago, almost to the day,
I posted about my black eye compliments of
 a head butt from Logan.  

This time around,
 it was 
a broken nose.
Yes, I'm serious.

It went down like this.
I was on my knees,
at their level.
Grabbing 'em and throwing them down for tickles.
I went to grab Logan
from behind
And as I wrapped my arms around him
he pulled one heckuva karate chop
and then head butted me into the next state.
Pain was instant.
I screamed and went down.
At which point, Austin saw Mommy's was down
and jumped on my shoulders
(declaring victory, I think!)
It took an hour (okay, maybe all of 3 seconds)
for Daddy and the boys to realize Mommy was hurt.
Really hurt.
Ice was brought.
Apologies were made.
Reassurances were given.
Boys went to bed.
Mommy went to Urgent Care.

I came back with an x-ray documenting the break.
Some pain killers for the night.
And a referral for a nose doctor.

Saturday both boys "cuddled" me into feeling better.
 Thankfully, I never got black and blue around the eyes. 
It was not an upwards hit (which I think would have made me all black and blue)
It was more of a side ways hit.
I got hit on the right and the nose went left.

See it?
It wasn't "that" bad, but with the way it could have healed and the nose being
kinda an important thing, I was really urged to fixed it.
So, off to surgery I went for them to "scooch" it back over.

Nonnie, Gary and the twins have been wonderful in aiding in my recovery.
Both boys have a hard time being away from me.
And both boys are extremely wild and active.
You should see how gentle and soft they are being with me.
Holding my hand.  Helping me walk.
Bringing me pillows.
Too sweet!
I may have to "fake" a few more injuries!

(Side note:  Logan felt really, really horrible about the accident.  Especially after my surgery, he kept saying, "Mommy, I'm soooo sorry I broke your nose."  Austin's not helping much because he gets telling Logan and everyone else "YOU did this to her!"  I keep telling Logan it was an accident and he aplogized and that was all he could do, he doesn't need to feel bad about it and that Mommy's going to be just fine. 
We also have added a major "No throwing rule in the house."  And both boys have asked if I'm ever gonna tickle them again.  And in short, "Yes dear, I will, but with a really long pole or something from now on.  K?")

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Date night!

Logan and Daddy scored tickets to see one of their favorite basketball teams play.
As I've mentioned
(a 1,000 times)
Logan is a sports fanatic and will WATCH any GAME.
and actively cheer and coach his team on.
Austin climbs around the stands, asks for more snacks
and basically does not sit still or watch ANY sporting event.

So, Daddy and Logan went to the game.

Both boys got cameras from their Maine Grandparents for Christmas.
So, they each took a picture of the other before they left.
And took their cameras with them.
So, that they could "look" at the other twin when they missed him. 

And Mommy and Austin had date night.

And Austin included/invited Nonnie to join us.

Austin walked in to his restaurant of choice,
and because I told him "The Man" is in charge of dates
and with a little coaching,
he told the greeter,
"This is my mommy and my grandma, and we'ld like a table for three, please."

I thought Nonnie and I would get to spend more time talking
than when we out outnumbered with both of them,
(Yes, I know it's 2 to 2, but trust me, we are outnumbered!)
and I think the three of managed to have a very good time.

Towards the end of the meal, Austin was getting a little weepy for his brother.
And in the car on the way home,
he said, "Mommy, will you lay down with us?"
It's a question they ask every night, so I just ignored it.
But then, I heard him crying.
"Austin?  Baby, what's wrong?"
"I don't wanna be a ME, Mommy!"
"I have to say,
'Mommy, will you lay down with ME, not US
 and I don't wanna be a Meeeeeee."

Austin was happy again once we got home
and after a little bit, his brother and dad returned.
Logan immediately showed us pics from his camera
- including the all important shot of the mascot!

Austin talked about his night out,
and told Logan he brought him some leftovers.
Logan was ecstatic about that!

It was really, really cute to see them greet each other and 
exchange "stories " about their evenings away from each other.

We are trying to make a conscious effort to get
the boys used to being away from each other.
Next year, it's the Big K
and we are putting them in separate classes.
What is that - like 6 hours away from each other every day?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where's Evan?

Big brother, Evan went back to college about a week ago. 
And at least twice a day, I hear, "Where's Evan?"

Evan is an awesome big brother.  He plays with the twins to no end. 
And when he does come home, they don't him a moment's rest. 

Evan keeps to a pretty tight, "No brothers in my bedroom!" rule,
but his last morning home,
Austin and Logan worked the charm and
the puppy dogs eyes to earn a spot beside him.
They're pretty smart boys, they got him at his weakest!
(half asleep)

At one point over his extended break,
Evan mentioned how much quieter the dorm was to our house.

We miss you, baby!
Super proud of you...
(Mom and Dad's bragging rights: 
Evan did so well on his first semester,
he was invited to join the Honor's Academy! 
Which comes with all sorts of perks like cool, smaller clasees, wireless classes, field trips, first choice of classes and a special (air conditioned) dorm!)

Now, how about you and Amanda
go start that blog of yours so that your
brothers can see what you're up to?!

Friday, January 14, 2011


This week's FFF (newly hosted by Nora) theme is Hibernation. 

And while we have now missed The Big Storm (twice!),
I'll try not to pout too long
(big SNOW lover here),
but since we haven't had to do too much hibernating,
I grabbed the camera a few minutes ago to go see what I could get.

The boys are veggin' out to morning TV
snuggled under MY new-softest-blanket-ever-Christmas present from Evan.

The next pic is the result of me saying, "Boys - look snuggily."

Two seconds later, they were out from under the softest blanket ever
and doing gymnastics in the lviing room!

Happy Friday, everyone! 

Monday, January 10, 2011

More Austin...

First off, let's talk about Logan. 
Logan is a 10-year old ATHLETE trapped in a little 4 year olds' body. 
In fact, I think he was born an athlete.
Somehow, I've never managed to capture the magnitude of his skill on camera.
But you should see him roll and tackle with the 8 -12 year olds during pick-up football games.
They actually FIGHT to get him on their team.
No, I don't like him playing football.
Especially with older/bigger kids.
Yes, I make him wear a helmet.
And have told him he can NEVER play on a real football team.
Logan lives, breathes, sleeps and dreams sports.
All day long, "Mom, I'm on the way to my BIG game tonight."
"Mom, I just came home from the BIG game and we WON! 
And I got the TEAM trophy!"
"Mom, can we go to (insert local highschools and colleges name here) big game tonight?"
He even chooses his seat at restaurants so that he can watch sports while we eat.
Jest sayin', my boy, Logan is a star in his own right.
Although Austin's been getting some extra "blog-time" lately,
it's only because he's on some massive (without trying) funny streak!
And I just can't keep them to myself!


While shopping during the holidays
with both boys at a big ole craft store and after
(I am NOT kidding)
the FOURTH dang run to the potty,
(In their defense it was late afternoon, and they had had lots of fruit for lunch!)
we come out of the bathroom,
and both boys are "dancing" all over the aisle.
(def. dancing = they just bounce and hop and kick and I don't know what. 
But there's never been any "walking" in their "walk.")
Austin is blocking people and then he tries
to hitch a ride on the side of the
(excruciatingly TINY little) cart provided by Michaels,
and (for the eighth time this trip)
by merely stepping on the side,
he is tipping over the cart.
I am hungry and tired and frustrated
trying to keep up with the two of them, not to mention make my selection,
and already dreading the check-out scene,
add-on the numerous pit-stops and
well, you get the picture.
So, through gritted teeth,
I not so nicely say,
"AUSTIN!  Get. off. my cart!  NOW!"
And at the exact same moment,
we both catch eyes with the father and daughter
who are trying to pick-out a picture frame
from behind us and are witnessing our struggle.
Austin merely throws a thumb in my direction,
rolls his eyes and with a nod, apologetically says,
"She gets like this sometimes!"

In the car, on the phone,
I am being bombarded with questions from the back seat.
I tell the boys to hold on, that I'm trying to co-ordinate plans with Tracey for our play-date.
Logan: "What's car-ordy-a-nate mean, Mommy?
Austin, "I know what co-ordinate means -
it's when people share their ideas and organize a plan to come together. Right, Mommy?, um, yeah - that's kinda exactly what it is, buddy.


At the dinner table one night,
Gary and I were talking and Austin rolled his eyes
Me: "Don't roll your eyes, Austin"
Austin:  "I'm not.  This is the mommy look."


One morning, Austin had a "accident."
My boys never, ever want to stop having fun in order to go to the potty,
so there's usually one or two close calls a day
(note: shopping is NOT fun, therefore,
much to Mommy's dismay, we go to the potty LOTS when shopping)
So, I was fussing at Austin about WHY didn't he go to the potty?
Reminding him that he needed to allow for time to go, blah, blah, blah.
When I asked him what happened, he responded,
"I don't Momma.  I just went to fart and then KABOOM! 
My whole butt exploded."

The rest of the morning, Logan walked around saying,
 "kaBOOM!  hahahahahahahaha"


On a sweeter side,
we met up with our friends, Karen and her crew
during the holidays to go on a walk through a "live" Town of Bethlehem recreation.
(It's a really awesome event, complete with Roman guards on horses, an Inn Keeper who turns Mary and Joseph away right in front of you and SO much more.)
At one "stop" or one "scene"
One of the disciples was talking about the crucifiction of Jesus and Austin turned to me and whispered,
"Mom, is he telling the truth or is his making up all that bad stuff about Jesus?"
No, baby it really happened that way.
He scrunched up his face and said, "WHY?  Why would they do that to HIM?"

Later that same night,
in a group setting, with Nonnie
we prayed for her and the upcoming season
(with both my Dad and brother being gone)
And as we prayed for Nonnie's heart,
Austin once again leaned over and whispered,
"Mom, is her heart special?"
"Is that why we're praying for it?"

During another one of our (very few) shopping excursions
as we approached the car,
I noticed one of the mini-vans' side doors was open.
"WHO left their door OPEN?  Boys, you canNOT do that!   Mommy told you to shut the doors.
WHO did it?  WHO left the door open? Austin?  Was it you?"
At this point, we are all trying to get in, and get seated, and I'm just fussing away.
Austin yells, "DON'T worry about it, Mom!  Okay!  YOU worry about "Donna!"

(Okay, fine, smart-alec, but I'll take that as a "Yes, it was you!")

Austin: "You're not in charge of the world, Mommy."
 Me:  "I'm in charge of YOUR world, Austin."
 Austin: (completely unphased and very confident in his response):
"No, you're NOT. God is in CHARGE of my world.
He is in charge of the WHOLE world. Cuz HE made it."


Austin has always been very "in-tune" with God. 
His "go-to" book is always some sort of children's bible or book about the stories in the bible.
And the boy pays attention in Preschool and Sunday school.
He knows his stuff.
One night, his prayers were soooo sweet,
he skipped over all the usual "bless" so and so and thank you for so and so and went right into,
"Thank you, God.  Thank you for SAVING us. 
Thank you for JESUS. 
Thank you for being our SAVIOUR."

As he was going on, Logan and I exchanged a look like,
"Dang, our little 'Thank you for the fun play date, Thank you for an awesome dinner...' kinda pales, eh?"

Along those same lines, one evening I was walking past the boys' room, and in the middle of his sleep,
I saw/heard Austin sit up and shout out, "JESUS!"
kinda like he was reaching out to him....

Kinda makes me think I shouldn't be yelling at him to get off of my cart.


Christmas night, I asked the boys what their favorite party of the day had been. 

Without hesitating and by-passing all the gifts he received,
Austin immediately jumped up and down and excitedly said,
"Giving out ALL my
(handpicked and handwrapped)
presents to my whole family!" 

Sweet boy!
Drives me crazy.
Makes me laugh.
Also makes me late.
And I love him dearly!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pajama Run

Guess who didn't want to get dressed last week
for the early morning drop off at Nonnie's? 

Couldn't bother to zip up, either!

Love 'em!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Memories

While cleaning up (and taking down Christmas),
I decided to document some of my favorite Christmas items and memories.

Like this first "original artwork" by Austin and Logan. 
Ornaments they made and we then sent to all our friends and family
the first year they were home, Christmas 2007.
I remember Gary and I sitting at the dining room table
(which we had moved to the living room in order
to make the dining room a play room - which Mason and Evan hated!)
We were emotionally spent, knowing that my father was approaching his final days
and yet we felt so amazingly blessed to have Austin and Logan in our laps,
fingers covered in paint
and through our tears, we each laughed several times
as we watched the twins have a ball creating these!

And this year's Preschool Creation:
Hand created and hand wrapped by each boy
and delivered to us with much delight Christmas morning!

One year, I did an all white theme.
And these white stockings I made (and had embroidered) are still my favorite!

And this picture below does not do these stockings justice,
But a sweet, sweet  little lady from church made the twins these stockings.
They are lined and super plush - I LOVE 'em!

A Guatemalan "keychain" ornament!

And thanks to a special woman at Gary's office,
Aunt Fran has generously decked out my tree
With lots of beautiful ornaments that look like this:
I will never, never tire of seeing ALL our names on the same ornament.
Little ole' me, who didn't "find" my family until I was over 30 years old!
Thought I'ld be single and alone forever!

And this year, we added two more beautiful ornaments.
Another woman at church decorates the children's tree in the Sunday School section. 
This year, I saw her putting these beautiful wooden owl ornaments
- handmade in Peru, all over the tree.
She has travelled a lot and has picked up some very unigue treasures.

On Christmas Eve, she told the children they could each take an ornament off the tree.
It was her gift to them.
Is that not the sweetest!?

I was THRILLED when Logan brought down one of the beautiful owls: 
 I mean, tell me you didn't just gasp

I asked Austin where his was, I didn't want him to loose it.
And my precious, unigue son, with glee all over his face said,
"I didn't get a bird, Mom.  LOOK!! Look what I got!!"

"It's GREEN!  My favorite color!!  Can you believe it!?"

And while I would have LOVED (LOVED) to have had
two gorgeous Peruvian wooden owls on my tree,
I think this ornament
will always hold a soft spot in my heart
as I place it on the tree for the next many years to come.
It completely represents a moment in time
where a Green Ball of Yarn
(handknitted, no less!)
was far more precious
in his eyes!