Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Logan picked me flowers one day!
Because I'm beautiful. 

(I don't even care if he did steal them from the neighbors yard and not ours!)

We are still working on Logan's "smile"...
 The above is what I get everytime I pull the camera out!

 Austin is a bit more of a rockstar with his poses!

 Summah Mohawk boys!

Rainbow toes!

They still "find" each other throughout the night! 
And notice on Logan's shoulder is a worry doll.
Austin is obsessed with putting a worry doll under his pillow every night!
He also hands one out to everyone else at night. He takes one for everyone on sleepovers, too.
His version of their power:
"If you put one under your pillow, and tell it your worries, the worry doll watches over your bad dreams and protects you.  She makes sure the bad dreams don't get you.  She makes them happy dreams."

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's in the eyes!

My photographer llbff, (Life-long bestie from when we were like 1 years old!) took some amazing pics of my duo on a recent trip to the beach.  She made it her mission that day to capture their lashes!




(no clue!)




I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures!  I LOVE having these precious little faces "frozen" in time for me.  It seems they are changing and growing daily! 



 Logan and Mommy

 Austin and Mommy

Other than all that cuteness, I'm pretty much getting my toucsh kicked on a daily basis! 
And if it's not me, it's Nonnie or Gary getting their tousch kicked while I'm at work.
However, like kryptonite to Superman, the heat does seem to have some effect (some) on their never ending energy supply.  
Of course, we mere mortals are usually way depleted from the heat long before either of them are effected, so...sadly, we are still no match for them.

And it seems, rather than blogging this summer, I'm am throwing all of my (remaining) energy into holding onto every ounce of pre-kindergarteness I can get. 
I know it's just a mere seconds-away from 5th grade and graduation. 
My "You're a big boy, you can walk" has been long tossed and replaced with
"Come here.  Who needs some Momma-huggin?!"   

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ice Cream in a Bag

Anyone else heard of this?

I was pretty excited when I discovered it out there in blogland somewhere.  
And truthfully, I really did not think it was going to work. 
But...I couldn't resist putting science to the test. 

So, we followed the instructions.  Mixed our ingredients.

It's so simple, add sugar, milk and vanilla extract in a small ziploc. Then put the small ziploc inside a big one with ice and salt.
Then, the boys added a variation, our own twist to Step 5: Shake Well for 5 minutes.
The bags do get really, really, really cold.  Some suggested wearing mittens. 
But the trampoline seemed to work well for us.

We then opened the bags,

added bananas,
and voila!

No kiddin!
It really worked!
And it was really yummy!
Cept - it was a little too salty - next time, we will double bag the inside one.
Thought this would be really cool for a picnic, too! 
Yay for trying new things!

Below, the boys are on the trampoline mixing their ice cream.
And at the end, if we were the kinds of parentswho let their kids take "baths" in the springlers, well, then, we may be the kind of parents who also videotape that. 
And you may, just may get a for real, truly raw, unedited proof of just how extremely crazy my boys are. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th!

 Wow!!  4 day, crazy weekend!

Friday, we went with our church for a fun day at the water park!
Never in a million years, thought my guys would be interested in going on this!
It's DARK.
Um, it's REALLY HIGH up.
Oh yea - and it's DARK!

They begged and pleaded.
And I said, yes.
Figuring once they got up there, they'ld realize the enormity of the slide and back down.

 Yeah, that didn't happen.
They went down it!
Went down it 1,000 times.

Friday nite, we headed off to the Drive-in with our buddies, Van and Zak.
Double feature, Cars 2 and Mr. Poppers Penquins!
They surprisingly made it until 12:30am before falling asleep in the back of the van.

Saturday morning started off slow,
Lounging around the house watching a movie.
'Cept that movie was (one of the) Mighty Ducks.
So, somehow we conned Amanda's (Evan's girlfriends) brother
into taking us/teaching us how to ice skate.
Amanda's whole family has grown up with ice hockey, so the boys were well suited up.

 Amanda, Evan, Matthew, Austin and Logan
(see video below!)

Sunday, we had our picnic over at Nonnie's.
The boys got their special Homecoming Day Cake!
4 years ago we all landed at the airport and finally completed our family!

They caught fireflies...and then let them go.
And on Monday we went blueberry picking, again with our buds Van and Zak.
And we have a long list of items we are going to make: Blueberry Pie, Blueberry Jam,  Fruit Smoothies and Blueberry pancakes!

Then, another family picnic,

Where my "wild" and crazy" boys drew lots of attention
(jumping off of lawn chairs into the 2 foot wading pool)
and when I mentioned to my uncle (not known for his gentle ways as a child either) that the boys might benefit from a stint at boot camp,
he laughed and said, "Shoot - they'ld throw them out.  They'ld offer you your money back and an extra ten to come get them!"

Once we finally got back home, we made our blueberry pie,
(in our Christmas pj's, of course!)

The rain canceled our fireworks plan, but Dad set off a few sparklers and blaster in the front yard for us!