Monday, March 30, 2009


We're still here!

If you're actually still checking in on my blog - thanks!

I ran out of disk space on my computer and couldn't download any photos and was really close to just crashing the computer. So, I hired a professional t0 fix it all! yay!

So, now my conundrum - do I go back and catch up? Or just pick up where we're at? I've also stopped taking photos, one because I can't keep up with Austin and Logan and two - I backlogged my camera because I couldn't dump on to the computer.

Okay, so now that I have bored you to tears, I also have no pics to offer up at the moment! lol

In short, we're doing great. Austin and Logan are simply amazing. Overall, they are very happy little boys. Incredibly active happy little boys!

We've been working on the whole sleep thing and as opposed to spending (what seemed like) hours getting them down (having to stay in the room, keep them from talking etc) - we seemed to have (finally) found our groove - putting one in Mommy's bed and one in the room. They keep up with who's turn it is to sleep in Mommy's bed. And by not being together, they really are falling asleep much faster. And stay asleep all night. Can't tell you how exciting that is for Mom and Dad!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day at the office....

Nonnie retired the same month that the twins came home, but after having worked at VCU for 25 years, her co-workers are more like family. We've been to visit a few tines, but I've never been able to snap off any pictures...until this time.

This is where we tucked away the twins so as not to disturb the entire workforce, a HUGE conference room with one whole ginorous wall who's sole purpose in life is to be a wipe-off board. Can we say excellent Playroom idea!?!

Their first offical Board Room meeting...

Enough work, time for some chair spininng...
...and then, some chair laps around the boardroom... Oh - Daine, you're SO funny! And that crazy, Monsta, too!!
With this type of work envrionment, I bet Austin and Logan can't wait to grow up and go to work!
Thanks, Diane and Linda and all of our VCU buddies, we hope to see you again soon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

FVF - Favorite Video Friday

This week's FFF theme is "Then."

So, first, the boys watched "Lady and The Tramp" at Grandma's,


Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow Day - AT LAST!

I'm still a week behind in my posts. Once we got back from Maine, I had another round with the flu bug for a day or two, then about the time I was recovering, I had the joy of another kidney stone attack (I've had them since I was 16) and spent a day or two in the ER and met a wonderful pain-killing drug that knocked me semi-conscious, not necessarily a good place to be with 2 and 3/4 year old twins! Nonnie, Evan, Mason and Lory handled my care and the children while I was out for the count (it all happened on a weekend, when Gary works the most).

And when I awoke from my drug induced coma on Monday morning, there was...what!?! Snow....not a leetle snow, but a TON of snow. Over a foot!

I've been waiting for snow for over two years! And the first time we get it, I can barely wipe the drool off my chin and wake up enough to see it!! lol! Oh - the irony!

About mid-day, I managed to get up and get Austin and Logan dressed for a few minutes out in the snow.

And they played some with their friends, too!

The four Amigos!
I personally enjoyed their indoor snow attire...the underlayers...

One onesie in and one onesie out!
I think these pictures are a trip - Austin and Logan are only within 1/4 inch or less height-wise of each other. Doesn't look it here, though!
I also managed to get a video of them indoor sledding....

Luckily, by Tuesday I was able to get out and actually get the boys sleigh-riding down some hills and we went out again on Wednesday. They LOVEd it. They zoomed down the hills all by themselves and carried their little toboggans back up all by themselves! Oddly enough, they did not sleep better as everyone told me they would!! Nope - actually less sleep! Too wired, I guess?
By Friday, we were enjoying 70 degree weather again! Today, 80 something. Snow all gone. But it was the Perfect Storm! Came in quick, dumped a bunch of white stuff, everyday was perfect for either snowmen building or sledding and now it's all gone (none of those ugly, dirty patches that stick around forever. )
Can't wait for another 10 to 15 years to go by before we get our next snow!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Choir Boys

choir boys???...well, almost....

So, on Wednesday nights at church Austin and Logan have been hanging with the older children in the choir room. All fine and dandy until this week, when I'm informed that Austin and Logan are supposed to sing with the choir.

Yeah, right! Austin and Logan do not have a good "performance" history.

So, as usual, we practiced at home.

Then, it was Performance Day. The choir robes were (to say the least) too big, their dress pants underneath have gotten too big (another growth spurt turned their pre-plump bellies into a post-non-existent waist unable to support pants) so I removed them minutes before their performance only to discover that their pull-ups were loaded to maximum capacity. So, Austin and Logan sang without pants and with diapers that were about ready to fall off and they decided to show everybody! And I'm not sure how much singing was going on, either. But it sure was funny to watch 'em.

We'll see how it goes next month!