Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guess Who's Turning 3!?!

"....You say it's your'r-nah-nah-nah..."

"Well, it's my birthday, too-ya! ba'r-nah-nah-nah"

Three!! Three unbelievably years old!

Look at these handsome, handsome little men!! I can already tell that 3 is gonna be SO much fun! And if we thought that these guys had us running around before, well, we aint seen nothin' yet!

*edited to add to more pics of preciousness!

This is Logan.

And this is Austin.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Conversation I had with Austin while tucking him in for a nap:

Me: "Austin, do you want your blanket or Mommy's blanket?
Austin: "Mine!"
Me: "Yours is really soft, isn't it?"
A: (said while snuggling into his balnket) "..uh-hmmmmm!"
Me: "Mommy made that for you - I love you so much and I wanted you to have an extra special very soft blanket."
(moment of silence)
A: (pokes his head up out of the blanket) - "Mom? You make the blanket in the microwave?"

Monday, April 20, 2009

A day at the Zoo!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter (Final)

Alright - one last Easter post will catch me up.

This is Easter day. Started out right with Happy Anniversary flowers (picked from our yard) from my hubby! Thanks, dear!

New tradition started? It seems that the Easter Bunny is now leaving baskets under the beds. Who knew?

Austin found his (and then Mommy had to charge her battery super quick! D'oh!)
Checking out the baskets - in the hallway of course! (On a side note: We always start Austin off in Pajamas at night, but then we find him in just his diaper by morning!)

Then, Logan asked Daddy if they could "have a picnic in the tunnel (our bedspread) with him and their baskets! Logan is hugging his jelly beans, really the only thing the bunny brings according to Austin and Logan.
Our four handsome boys!
And one beautiful little lady, Mason's girrrrrlfriend, and my only "daughter"!

Our pretty cross!

I mean, it just wouldn't be Austin and Logan if we didn't stop off and climb and jump and run in the church steps!

After church, we went to Nonnie's and had a great BBQ luncheon. The Easter Bunny had been by and hid a bunch of eggs and brought baskets for everybody. And after lunch, we all fell asleep! Of course!
It was a wonderful relaxing beautiful day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pre-Easter Church Festivities

Here come the studs....

Ready to take on the Easter festivities!

Saturday was our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt and Partee! And Van joined us for all of the fun!

Preparing for egg dying with accompanying super outfit protectors....(don't they all look super handsome!).
We do what?
Okay! My turn! I go first!

The bunny's here!!!

It's a very happy bunny this time!

Emptying their eggs and sampling some of the loot!

hmph - sort of looks like Austin might have swiped a piece from Logan, judging from that sidewards glare! lol

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Bunny!

The Mall Bunny..some say scary, some say fun. Austin and Logan, last year, were petrified of the bunny!!

Nonnie lives right next to a mall and awhile back mentioned the bunny would be coming. Every time we went to the mall after that, they would ask a little hesitantly if the bunny was there.

One night, I had to quickly run in and exchange a pair of shoes before we went on a family outing. And we suddenly discovered the bunny. From the balcony, we waived to the bunny. He waved back. It was love!

On Palm Sunday, Nonnie and I took the boys to have their picture with the bunny. Just like we did with our Santa pictures, we practiced beforehand. From the 2nd floor of the mall, they waived to the bunny again, but told Nonnie the bunny looked sad.

Then, it was time to go get our pictures! The boys shook the Bunny's hand. Gave him high five, and even tickled his knees to make him happier. Austin popped right on up to sit with the bunny, but Logan refused to sit alone and kept tugging at me to sit, too.

As I was paying for the picture, Logan grabbed my hand and squeezed it and said , "Mommy - I want to try this again." So 'round we went again to see the bunny and this time, they sat by themselves.

Safely hugging the outside of the bench, but with the bunny all by themselves.
(On a side note, we went back to see the bunny the Saturday before Easter and good Lord!! They attacked the bunny with love! Sat with him, squeezed his side. But two overpriced bunny pictures were enough! lol And don't you agree - doesn't that bunny look sad?)

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Season of Lent 2009

Since I wasn't quite blogging so much, I thought I'd recap the holidays...

First up, Shrove Tuesday at Nonnie's church..
. ...complete with Maudi Gras masks and gold crowns. Aunt Patsy and Nonnie really helped bling out the gear!

Next day, Ash Wednesday...

And this past weekend, Palm Sunday back at Nonnie's church. Austin and Logan really, really love Nonnie's church! They barely sit in the pew and they're asking to go "play with the other kids!" I really enjoy sitting through a service without the distraction and it's nice having Nonnie as company. Mason and Evan run the sound/lights at our church so I don't really get to sit with them and Gary rarely gets a Sunday off. So, I 'm very blessed to have two churches!

Smooching on Nonnie!

Stay tuned for bunny pictures.....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pants are optional!

We have really been hitting a groove lately, where I've actually found that raising two almost 3 year olds is not that difficult! Which, in truth, really scares me because in the great big scheme of up/down up/down moments over the last two years I now know that any time I hit "the groove" it is usually followed by another "OMG - how can I keep up with them" moment!

So anyway - they've been dressing themselves for quite some time and buckling themselves into their carseats. Putting on their jackets. Going to the bathroom (about 60% of the time). Lots of independence and I'm lovin' it.

However, no matter how many times I state the order or dressing oneself - empathizing shoes LAST, for some reason that's usually one of the first things they put on.

Why do shoes go on first? Because if not - this is what happens....

Trampoline-a-la-commando style!

And sand box playing...

(...and this is the trampoline with the net...that they never use and when they do, they just run around the outside of it!)

Time to go in for some snacks...

"Mom - Logan just mooned me."

Awww....such sweetness!

(Autin and Logan are modeling gifts, shirts and sheriff badges, sent all the way from California! We are now huge Snoopy-de-doo fans! Thanks Aunt Carmen, Cathy and Gina!!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Filthy Mess!

Backyardigans is a FAVORITE show in our house! One particular episode they enjoy is one called Filthville - about a village where mud is the standard and baths are not allowed.

When our foot of snow melted literally overnight, that created, to say the least, excess water in our backyard. I naively did not realize just how much. I let Austin and Logan out in the backyard to play. Mom and I were inside workin' on a project and we kept hearing peels of laughter. When we checked on them, this is what we got:

I didn't get the whole thing on videotape, but they told me they were playing in Filthville. The sand box had accumalated quite a large amount of water and they had been jumping and splashing in it. They had even slung mud on the shed...just like in Filthville! They were soppping wet from head to toe, covered in a mixture of wet sand and muddy water. I let them play for a few more minutes (I mean the damage had already been done at this point and they were having a blast!) and then we made them strip down outside and brought them in for baths.

Fun times as always!!