Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garage Makeover - Phase 1

This morning's shot of the garage...

Then our crew from Clutter Cleaner showed up:

NO!  Not this house!!  It's too much!

Matt had to take a very important phone call on a very LARGE phone! 

Gary did a lot of this.

While I did a lot of this...
And this...
(Hey, my blog.  The story gets told from my persoective!)

Below is a view of our Smart Boxes at 12 PM.

This is our "keep" box.
This is our "things to go through, sort and SELL" box!

4:30 PM boxes are getting a bit full. 

Matt giving directions:  "We just want to put most of this stuff up." 

"And YOU're going to do it, Gary!"

This pile did NOT go back in!  ;-)  Yay!

Friends and family - I.  give.  you...

(cue the choir of angels!)

Still standing!  Still friends!  And most importantly, for two of us, still married!

They came.  They saw.  They kicked CLUTTER in the BUTT!!

Matt and the guys from Clutter Cleaner ROCK!! 
Hands down a phenominal company that truly, truly puts people first!! 
There's a LOT of good Karma coming from these guys!  

Gary and I are beyond thrilled with what was accomplished today! 
We're going to keep going.  Getting the house straight and decluttered and move around some things. 
And then we're going to tackle that Smart Box on the right!

The Closet Factory is working hard on our plans for our new garage. 
And we'll get an idea of what we're getting in about two weeks. 
Then they'll start work building and assembling at the end of the month. 
We're very grateful for that time to accomplish all of our de-cluttering!

Monday, March 29, 2010

See - it isn't easy!

While I "participated" in my first 10k on Saturday
(hey, so what if most of it was walking?),
Gary and Nonnie took the boys to our church's Easter Egg Hunt.

And God Bless my husband, he took pictures for me! 

See - I make it look so easy, don't I? 
But photographing the dynamic duo is a challenge!  They just don't stay still!
Well, unless there's a chokehold involved...

"Um....I wonder where Mom is? 
She's usually doing some pretty cah-razy stuff behind the camera to get us to smile!"

I heard lots and lots of great stories about their big day. 
They had a pretty fun time! 
Except for that darn scarey Easter Bunny! 
Austin wanted nothing to do with him, again.


 look what this boy brought home!
What?  Can't see it.....
An Egg Trophy, of course!
Austin found the MOST eggs!   
He carried in his trophy to me in two hands, up and over his head. 
He was SO proud! 
Placed it up on a self and everything!   

Monday, March 22, 2010


But first, more from the fashionister...
Layered tops paired with mismatched shoes...and a spiked mohawk...accessorize with a green frog.
On your mark!

Logan pulling the use-the-arm to get ahead approach of running a race!

My boys love to race!

Austin using the "I'll start way ahead of you" method of cheating, er, I mean, "ensurance of winning."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shamrock boys!

Cool shamrock shirt! (Thanks, Nonnie!)
What does she want us to do?
I think do something cute....
Like this?  Uh, no - you look sorta silly....
Well, you've got something in your ear.
Lets yell "Shamrock!"
MOM - You've got something on your camera!  It's blurring Logan's FACE!!!
Let's hug - she LOVES it when we hug!


Confession time:  These pictures are so timely, because in my confused frame of mind, Shamrock Day was Monday!  You know, the 15th of March! 
Sent my babies off to school and everything prepared for good ole' St. Patty! 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Day in the Park!

We (Tracey, Nonnie and I) took the Three Amigos to the park the other day.  
Boys - wide open freedom is JUST what they needed!

Frisbee throwing/chasing/tackling!
Posing - pre roll down the hill!
Rolling down the hill!
Name that Twin!?!
Name that Twin, too!?!
The Three Amigo's tushies!