Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Three Men (uh, boys) in a tub...(uh, wagon!)

Van, Logan (in the back) and Austin (red and white shorts)
A.k.a - "Nope, they're not triplets, they're Twins plus One"

We are sooooo lucky that these three get to spend their summers together!

And this is how the Mommies find them everyday after work -
 hot, sweaty, exhuasted (and barely dressed) and full of stories about their days' adventures!

Click below to see Evan giving the boys a "Roller Coaster" ride!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I have many posts I need to do, vacation trips/pics,
day outings and even some (more) videos. 

But as Fall approaches, we seem to be surrounded by changes,
preparing for school, saying good-bye to Adam (the twins + Van's summer babysitter) 
who's tour of duty is over (he's headed back to college). 
We are all eargerly awaiting the arrival of Van's younger brother,
 Zak who just can't seem to get here fast enough (from China). 
Austin and Logan are finally going to play a team sport!
They are ridiculously excited about it.  

But the biggest change off all. 
In our lives. 
Is the abence of Evan.   

Evan is now testing out his newfound wings and has flown the coop by heading off to college!
Evan did a great job of "preparing" us for his departure.
His girlfriend lives down the street, and Evan has basically "lived" there for the past year! 
We can't really fault him for that -
what with the raucous duo being loud, cah-razy and extremely messy 24/7.
And the twins were just as bad as Gary and I.
But...Evan was still within walking distance.
And of course, when he was around, he played with the twins to no end. 
He. is. a GREAT. Big brother!

Brothers, Evan and Mason.
Some idiot, (a.ka. "professional idiot") told Mason NOT to SMILE in pictures. 
That he has a *bad* smile. 
Despite ALL the evidence PROVING otherwise,
Mason prefers to look like a grumpy, unhappy fool in picutres! 

With pretty little Nonnie!

It's the RED brigade!

Evan's idea of a Family portrait!
(yes, the twins are sopping wet!)
(Clearly, Gary and Logan did not get the "red" memo.)

I have a few mere seconds before everyone bails during photos.
We look "off" in this picture.
Well, at least, I do.
When Evan hopped down, I didn't have time to arrange us properly.
Mom (Nonnie) snapped the picture
and then everyone yelled,
"That's it! We're done" and walked away! 

Who's ready for a Road Trip!?
We arrived in town late to begin with.
And then, "playtime" lasted until MIDNIGHT!


(Mason and Austin)

Move-in Day:
Logan helped!

Three Men and a Closet.

Logan (left) was on a mission to find the basketball court ALL day long.
We finally found it.  Huge court.
He immediately wanted to play on it.
Cried the whole way OUT.

Can I just say that
College + two cranky boys
(who were up until midnight and up again at 7am)
+ moving + a blogging mom and her camera
just don't all add up to = happy day
So, I didn't whip out the camera much!

We moved Evan in.
I "occupied" the twins on lots of walks around campus.
We went off-campus to lunch.
And then to Wally World
...with every. other. freshman. And their families.
It was insane.
But we got it (basically) all accomplished.

And now I give you "Black and Red." 
Evan and Austin on on his new bed.


Austin's turn on the (red) )cart.
Notice, even the guy in the background got the red memo today.

Evan's school supplies drawer! 

Leaving was hard. 
He is three HOURS away.

We know he's gonna do great!
He is very mature.
Very well organized.
And goal oriented/focused.
We are very excited for your new adventure, Evan.

Believe it or not....it is quiet(er) around here.

We miss him.
I don't think Austin and Logan quite get it.
They've asked me several times,
Where is Evan?
When's he coming home?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun in the Rain!

This week's FFF theme is Fun in the Sun,
but after "surviving" (what feels like)
EVERY day in the 100 PLUS temperatures, 
I just couldn't bear to post a picture reminding me of the scorching temperatures outside!


The weather gods have finally relented this week with some much appreciated rain.
Downpours in fact.
Creating some massive puddle'age outside.

Austin and Logan had already been outside "swimming" in the huge puddles.
By the time I grabbed my camera, most of the rain water had already washed away,
but I did manage to get  one or two half-way decent pics to capture their fun times! 

I love that Austin looks "younger" here!
I think it's the lack of pants!

And I think that the "Family Recycling Curbside"
adds a nice touch to this pic.


What's YOUR favorite Fun in the Sun, ...er, Rain Picture!?
Visit Hannah's blog to link and join in!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diving Board!

Today began Day One of "Donna's Bootcamp for Wild and Wayward Crazy Boys"
 - things went better all around. 
But in short, the last two weeks have been exhausting and have left no time for blogging!
Soooooo much to catch up, but for now we'll start with this!

We joined our 'ole pal and former neighbor Ryan at the swimming pool for some diving board fun!
We've done this in the past, last summer and maybe the summer before?
But I've always been IN the water catching them!
This year I was finally able to capture it on video.

Austin is in the red bottoms and Logan is in the black ones. 

Notice how they got progressively more aggressive - running, bouning and "flying!"

Shawn (Ryan's brother) - we can't wait to go back with YOU!

I'm off to wrestle some little cavemen!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

They're winning.....