Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Day...

So, it's 11:30pm (I don't care what time the little timer below says, that is always wrong!!) and another day has gone by with no news. I was hoping my real lawyer would e-mail me with updated medical information. I got the pictures from the doctor's visit, but not the medical fact sheet - weight, height, development, shots, etc.

I was also hoping either she or my hired lawyer would have gone to PGN and found my file today!

But alas, no news.

As I have told several people, I feel like this is similar to the last two minutes of a professional football game. There's only two minutes of "clock" time remaining, but we all know that those two minutes take about 1 and a half hours of "real" time to be played out. That's when everybody uses their saved up timeouts and throws the ball out of bounds to stop the clock!

So, I've invented mental cheerleaders on my sidelines and they're chanting:

"Exodus 5, Verse 1, Let my PEOPLE go go go go go go GO!"


Rebecca and Shannon said...


I really like your football analogy--as a football coach's wife, it makes perfect sense! I hope you get that coveted news SOON!!