Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nufin' yet...

We're still waiting to hear if our file has been approved and transferred to the pick-up window.

And we're still waiting to see if I can leave to spend time with the boys. Our dilemma now is that Mason graduates June 12th and we have no idea when our Visa appointment will be.

Most folks are running about 4-6 weeks out of PGN to get their Visa appointment. Sooooooooo, once we're OUT of PGN we need to see how fast our lawyer can get new birth certficates (with our names as the parents on them!!) and then get our file submitted to the US EMbassy so that they can schedule our Visa apoointment.

So, I may be leaving in about 2 weeks and bringing them home by June 10th OR we will be leaving June 13th (day after graduation) and bringing them home at some point after that.

For those of you who were with me back in November and December when we waited forever for the DNA tests, I have re-introduced my nightly regimen of Tums and Nyquil. ;-) That resulted in a kidney stone attack in January, so I'm really hoping to kick the habit here soon. So far - it's only been the last 2 nights!