Saturday, May 26, 2007

Still celebrating and a HUGE THANK YOU!!

First off, can I please tell you all that I just canNOT believe they are actually going to be here!!! With me, with us - living life together. That they'll be just an arm's reach away from me...

Oh, to think of how broken I was right before everything shifted! I knew you all would pray me through it....and I just had to hand off. I couldn't go on and you all prayed me through it. THANK YOU!!!


I guess that's why we have such saying's like - "It's always darkest before dawn." It's seems that has been a trend during this adoption. I go as far as I can, then when I'm exhausted and can go no more, God does amazing things. My heart has grown ten-fold during this whole process. It's been stretched beyond anything I would have ever thought possible to endure. Huh - so that's where the "Grown in my heart, not under it" adoption phrase comes from, too!

Boy, and only one cup of coffee so far this morning and I'm just so full of enlightenment! And as an added bonus, I even fixed my little timer thing below.

I CAN conguer the WORLD now!!


Courtney said...

Hello DonNa! What a weird day that you had on Thursday!! Just been a lurkin' for a while... ;) You boys are adorable!! Congrats on the boys getting out of PGN prison!! Do you have a set day that you're gonna go down and pick 'em up?

Lou said...

I so relate to all that you said....we will be living life with our babies at last! There is nothing more wonderful than that!! I was also at my darkest hour in the days before we were released from PGN. God heard our prayers, and I am so thankful. You have to email me and let me know your plans...when you are going and where you are staying.