Saturday, September 29, 2007

They're all grown up!

Okay - no more catch up! Here we are in the present (all grown up!).

These are two of my most favorite pictures. Austin climbed up on our neighbors bike and Logan decided to "hitch" a ride on the back!
And this is them "Giving Kisses" while playing on the deck last week.
We are so thrilled to have happy, healthy and growing boys - but boy, those few months between babyhood and toddler days just flew by us! It seems everyday they are doing something new, making a great big discovery and amazing us in so many different ways.

And I've been extra weepy, wondering if this is just how its always going to be. When I think back to the days of waiting for them, many times wondering if they were ever going to make it home into my arms, I'm just overcome with gratitude to God for blessing us to incredibly.

I tuck them in at night and still marvel that they're actually here and that they'll still be here in the morning. They now run to me all the time with big grins on their faces saying, "Mama, My mama, my mamma!" - if that don't bring a girl to her knees! I get kisses through out the day for no reason and I get to chase two little boys around and around for giggles and fun all day long. I'm livin' a dream!

And maybe I'm so emotional because of Guatemala 5000 - many of you are fellow adoptive parents, but those who check in here for updates on the twins, you can read (and DO something) about Guatemala 5000 here; The president of Guatemala is stating that he will not let any adoptions be completed after Jan 1, 2008. This includes all those IN PROCESS!!

Please, please pray for these babies and children and their families. Pray for all of those involved to have soft hearts that focus on the well being of the children and let them come home!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Day at the Pool!

I'm still updating/catching up with my photos. Boy, who knew twins would keep me so busy! Ha ha!

Okay, so the last week of August, we took the boys to a local pool and they had a blast!!

Evan and his best friend a.k.a our 3rd son, Chris had this little surprise waiting for us when we came downstairs:
Then, we had a trial run with all of our very colorful "gear" on.

This WHOLE pool is for US!!! Let's go!! We get asked all the times if our twins are from Vietnam or Cambodia. You can really see their Asian features in these photos!
Austin is standing, Logan is sitting. We didn't know there was going to be sand...this is actually they're first time playing in sand. Apparently, Logan REALLY loved it - as he ate a hand full of it 6 or 7 times! Evan with Logan...
Chris with Austin....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Glorious Day!!

Okay - August 26th, their baptism! What a teary-eyed wonderful event! Such a journey, and we had come full circle. It all started with God and a prayer - to bring us our child. And here we finally were, presenting our childREN (God is generous!!) before Him and dedicating them to a life of knowing and honoring Him...what a moment! I cried the whole time, couldn't stop. But not a picture, not a single one of the actual event. Lots of witnesses to recount the story to Austin and Logan, though - their Godparents, my brother and sister-in-law (Mitch and Patsy), the rest of my family, our whole church, and some new Guatemalan friends, too.

This is Austin pre-celebration...he's already dancing!
And Logan with our Cake Lady, Pam and her husband Joey made our two beautiful and addictively delicious cakes.
Austin and Logan wore their Guatemalan shirts for their Special Day!

Then had a change of outfits better suited for "celebrating!"

The whole Guatemalan gang...I won't do names, but I will say we are SO happy and glad that everybody is finally home and came to celebrate with us!
And these are their baby Christening blankets that my mom bought for them in Guatemala. Aren't they beautiful!

We are SO blessed! We are ridiculously, glorious, happy. However, we do remember the pain and hardships of our journey and continue to pray for all the families still in process. May all you're children be forever in yours arms as quickly as possible!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Just livin' life...

I'm still playing catch-up, here are some pictures from mid-August. Austin LOVES talking on the telephone. We actually call Grandma and he babbles forever to her...So much to say...(and he's wearing his Team Guatemala shirt that his brothers brought back from Guatemala on their summer mission trip).
Evan put Logan is this carry out back and he LOVED it!! And I LOVE that smile!
We were having a lazy summer day and Austin and Logan woke up from their naps. Mason and Evan got to them before I could and they all went went to cuddling. When I came into the room, this is what all four of my boys were doing, snuggling!

Grandma gave us a musical drum set. Yeah! Good stuff!
And our first hair cuts!
We LOVE Tony and he did a great job for our babies. No trauma!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Previous blog header

I have since updated the blog, but I wanted to keep what I wrote:

The day we saw you, we knew in an instant that you were ours. We couldn’t hold you, but our hearts melted every time we looked at you. Dreaming of you nightly, praying for you daily, and holding you in our hearts constantly until we can hold you in our arms forever!

As promised....

I'm trying.... ;-) Thank you all you loyal bloggers that keep checking back in for updates!

If you've noticed the labeled shirts they are for Grandma and/or for other people. Grandma has ordered about 5 sets of shirts with their names on them and it seems everybody is very appreciative! We can tell them apart very easily. Which is amazing because I have never been able to tell twins a part.

They may look a like, but they're very different. Different smiles, different laughs, different "dances," different, that's not to say we don't mix them up a few times here and there!

Okay, some more pics....
These are our knapsacks that we got when we bought our phones in Guatemala (it was a promotion) and they work out great for the kids!
Playing some hoops with their big brother!

Notice how their shorts drag the ground....these pictures were taken about 4 weeks ago....wait 'til you seem them now!! They've grown 4 inches!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Over at Grandma's...

More coming in the next few days...I promise!