Thursday, May 3, 2007

As the World Turns….

Ugh. My lawyer sent me an e-mail yesterday. We should be on Barrios desk today. He says it will take a couple weeks for Barrios to sign off. Ugh. Barrios may be out of the office next week. Ugh. Ugh. Rumor Mill says Barrios is leaving for 20 days. UGh.

Lawyer will let me know today if I’m on Barrios desk and if he will be out of the office next week.

What they don’t know: My file is bright ORANGE and burning a hole on that desk to get OFF. If it hits today, it will accidentally go to the top of the pile and WILL be SIGNED off on tomorrow!! Before he leaves!

Are you with me? Everyone focus. Send GOOD thoughts, GOOD vibes and LOTS and LOTS of prayers for an OUT!!!


On another's a quiet reflection. I found this yesterday and it really applies to me and my life this past year, but I hope that you read it and get something out of it for yourself, too. God Bless!!

It is called a Dolphin’s Perspective.

A while back, I watched a nature special on TV about sick dolphins. The dolphins were dying. They could be saved if they could be treated with antibiotics. They had to be caught in a huge net, snatched up from the ocean, and then pulled overboard into waiting boats.

It must have been terrifying for them. Human hands were all over them. Human voices were shouting directions. They had no way of knowing that these new experiences were well-intentioned. They had oinly the dolphin perspective. They were at point A. Their survival depended on them getting to point C. But first they had to go through point B--an insecure place full of unknowns, a place were endurance seemed impossible.

Life is difficult with limited perspective. At point B our human perspectives cannot anticipate the good possibilities of Point C. God's perspective sees the whole picture. He knows that to survive spiritually, we must experience transitional periods; we must go through point B to get to point C. Like the marine scientists who cared for the well-being of the dolphins. God has our best interests in mind throuh the whole painful process of change.

I think it is a very good example of how most parents are feeling through the adoption process, although we know the outcome is wonderful, we still would love to go straight to point C abd skip B all together if only we could. God is using our experiences to help us better appreciate point C. We are lucky to have a God that is caring and loving enough to help us appreciate Point C all the more. Without Him we would take advantage of our surroundings and family and friends.

I hope this has touched others as much as it touched me. it really did make me think. God is Great and he has it all in his plan, even though we don't know what that plan is we know that he has one. So even though the wait may be horrendous, imagine how those dolphins felt when their world was turned upside down, they did not know it but it was to save their lives. We must remember that God is turning our world upside down to save ours.



Lou said...

I also have heard that Barrios will be out of the office, but surely someone else will be allowed to sign off on cases. He can't just leave for 4 weeks with no one to sign us all out!!!!

ManyBlessings said...

Praying that Barrios is NOT gone and that he will sign off cases waiting. Also praying as you head down. Have a safe and very wonderful stay!!!