Monday, February 28, 2011


Cue the choir of heavenly angels! 
For years, I have waited for this moment in time
when I finally, finally find a way to exhaust the twins' never-ending supply of energy.

I've tried before.
Like during our first snowsotrm
when they were 1.5 years old
I made them carry their own sleds UP the HILL
Results: Still no nap that day.
We threw them in the ocean and pool when they were 2 years old
of play in the HEAT.
Nope.  Didn't seem to even touch their reserves!
Two straight hours of hard core gymnastics.
A day at the amusement park?
You get the picture.

So, imagine my surprise today when I seem to have stumbled upon a potential solution.
Sit back and watch, "How to run my twins into the ground."

Start them off with less than 10 hours of sleep.
Fill em up with lots of food for breakfast and lunch.
Suggest a bike ride at the park.
Key point: Bring their neighborhood 10 year old friend along.

Bike ride on a really cool never been on before trail.

Stumble upon a rope swing!?
 And let the fun begin!
(Austin above, Logan below)

  Logan doing some crazy death defying crawl across a log, above the creek!?!

After 40 or so minutes, continue on path until we stumble upon a baseball field!
 Imaginary pitch from Logan.

 Imaginary hit from Austin!

 Logan heading to catch imaginary ball.

 Austin mad and walking off the field because of his imaginary out!

 Logan slid into home base, but wonders where the other "team" is!
40 or so minutes later, leave the ball field.
Hit some incredibly scarey hills on the bikes!
(No pictures of this!)

And then spend another hour or more on the playground.

Come home, spend yet another hour on the trampoline and playing basketball.
Boys were so tired they cried and blubbered their way through the rest of the day.
Dinner at 6:00pm.
Bath at 6:30pm.
In bed and ASLEEP by 7:15pm!!
A NEW world record for US!!

Unfortunately, I too won't be far behind them!

YAY for warm weather,
children who can run harder than ever before
and for precious 10 year old neighbors who help out!

{Copy} {Paste} for the next 10,000 weekends!


Melinda said...

Where the heck do you live to have so many cool hidden gems in one area?! Sounds like the perfect day!!

We're a family of early bedtimes. A typical night for us, Addie in bed by 6:45pm and Crista by 7. LOVE having some down time in the evenings with my hubby :-) Hoping this can be a new trend for you too!

Helene said...

Wow, I wanna move to where you are! There's some seriously beautiful nature there. I don't think we have any paths that look like that..where all kinds of treasures can be found.

So you found the one thing that will wear them out but the question is, how long can YOU keep that up? There's no way I could keep up my energy to do that every single day with my kids.

Which reminds me, I need to look into getting a trampoline for the spawn.

Tracey said...

Mamma must have been just as wiped out after that day! When we are back 100% we will definitely join that action!! Cannot wait.
Especially love the mad face on the imaginary out...priceless and oh so perfect!

Bobbi said...

You are amazing!!!! I cannot believe that all that other stuff has never worked. I was exhausted after reading this post!!

That trail looked AMAZING!!!!!

Hannah said...

Yay!!! What a fun day and then a early bed time to boot?? Way cool!

I run Sophia into the ground and she still stays awake until midnight. I think she is trying to run ME into the ground :)

Sharon said...

Donna, it is so nice to beautiful family,,,twins!!! You really captured the burning off of energy so well... Gorgeous blog.. Boy do you have a sweet mom. And I adore Tracy and fam...could thane had better travel mates.. I hop eto visit you again soon. Take care..

Leslie said...

OMG i havent been on blogs in forever!!!!! Your boys are soo big now!