Monday, February 21, 2011

A Day at the Theatre!

Lured by our favorite baseball team Mascot, Nutzy
Nonnie and I joined forces with
and took the 4 boys to a Satuday matinee performance of
"The Big Friendly Giant."

 Van, Austin, Logan and Zak

  Check out little cutie-pie Zak's tentative expression over in the corner! 

The boys LOVE themselves some big ole Squirrel!

And we all survived the production of "The Big Friendly Giant."
Austin and Logan were a little worried about wether or not there would be a REAL giant on the stage.
They had several questions they whispered to Nonnie and I at the beginning of the show.
However, I was SHOCKED to have a nasty ole bitty turn around as she was preparing to move from her seat in front of us and rudely say,
"YOU'RE children are SO noise!"
Cuz, I would NEVER expect CHILDREN to attend a Saturday MATINEE of a CHILDREN'S play especially one sponsored by the local sports mascot targeting their KIDS CLUB!
I don't take my children to fine dining or to regular dining for that matter.
But I do NOT expect to get YELLED at when I take them somewhere they are EXPECTED to be! 
I am the first to say my children are crazy and hyper.
But even I will admit (and Nonnie will back me up) that our boys were behaving exceptionally well and were again, whispering their questions to us.

As you can see, I am still working on my anger over this incident!
But, hahaha on her - I got the last word in!
Okay, climbing down off the ledge,
I will say that the boys "enjoyed" the play..
...especially the parts when the Giant FARTED!
You can take the boys to the culture...
But you can't take the culture.. the boys!


Helene said...

Don't you just dislike mean, old nasty old people who can't appreciate the sound of children's laughter? Maybe she forgot to take her daily dose of Metamucil.

Love the pics!!!!

Guatmama said...

Love it! Sounds like the ol biddy should have been at a different play that day!

Samantha and Woody said...

Now now, that poor nasty soul is doing a fine job making her own self miserable, we don't need to help her with that. We should all send her some love vibes to help her... There we go. Imagine having to go around all the time knowing you'd just been mean to someone. Poor thing.

Bobbi said...

Glad you were all able to enjoy the show despite the little "incident" People like that make me so angry!!

I love that book. I wish it would come here!!