Friday, February 18, 2011


On the Great Holiday celebrating LOVE,
my little cupids dressed up and we hit the streets to hand deliver several of our valentines!
Nonnie and I took the boys to my work where we were having "Craft Hour" and making valentines
- workin' in an agency certainly has it's benefits!
In the car on the way there,
the boys told me how excited they were about "buying" Valentine cards.
"Do we need money, Mommy?"
No - we are going to MAKE Valentines.
"Do we need money?"
After a few more exchanges,
Slueth Mommy determined that the boys were remembering when they SOLD "LemonLAID" for my office!
They thought they were going to get to be store clerks SELLING Valentine Cards!!
They were a little mad once I informed them that was not happening,
But - still, they had lots of fun handing out their cards to the ladies and then hey got busy making some more - using glitter glue pens and stencils to make some very unique cards
 that they then ran around the office handing out to the ladies again!! 

No pictures.

You can imagine I was busy managing the chaos.
(Right? Who am I kidding?  There's actually no such thing -  managing all THAT energy,
but I feel like I need to put on a good show of at least pretending that I do have SOME control over them, even when I don't!) 

After my office, we headed to Nonnie's (pre-retirement) work place.
Here, one little Cupid (Logan) got mad at Mommy!
I forget why - obviously I think I said something horrendous like,
 "No, you cannot take your Happy Meal toy inside,"
Here is my punishment: 
 Refusal to look at Mommy!
 Determined to b mad at me...and WALK without holding my hand, TWO feet away from me!

 Once at Nonnie's workplace,
The boys immediately went to work.
 Apparently, to Austin, "work" means being "very, very serious!"
(He's typing.)
Nonnie's office is the BEST!
All her friends cheered on our adopton and walked the whole path with us.
My boys are LOUD wherever they go,
and her office just sort of goes with the flow when we invade!
Plus, they all miss Nonnie - and want her back.
Which Austin and Logan will never allow to happen!
Um......unless, maybe they got to come to work with her!

We also delivered some Vday cards to Gary's office - to some special people the boys just adore there.
But again no pictures!

Being Cupids is a hard, hard job.
...Somebody's got to do it


Samantha and Woody said...

Love the outfits!!! Let me know if you need somewhere to send hand-me-downs...

Hannah said...

How is it they get cuter and cuter?? What happened to the crazy clothes....I leave for a few weeks and come back to find Guat Tot GQ!!

PS....We are one mind. As I am typing this your comment came in on my email. We are one mind...ONE MIND!!!

PSS: I did not SAY I was stinky. How did you know I was stinky?? Oh, that's right ONE MIND!!!

PSSS: I don't have anything but now I am making the sound PSSS and it reminds me that I need to Pee :)

CLASSY!! I get that from your part of the brain.