Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rock Star!

Well, it took me 2 1/2 weeks to recover from running the twins' energy into the ground in that last post!
Just kiddin'!

We have been thoroughly busy and entertained by our beloved ROCK STAR of a brother, Evan!
Sure - he could have spent his Spring Break on the sandy shores of some beach,
but instead, he chose to lavish his brothers in 
some unforgettable one-on-one time!

In anticipation of the BIG ARRIVAL,
Nonnie helped us create a Countdown to Evan calendar!

But, Surprise! Surprise! He rang the doorbell two days early...
...and that set the tone for 10 day party right off the bat!

While Evan was home, there was lots of trampoline time:

Some advanced mathwork:

Some special storytime readings:

Evan and his girlfriend, Amanda took the boys to their first evah- big ticket event:
The Harlem Globetrotters!
(Inadvertently, this trip may have also sunk
any hope I ever had of future grandchildren from Evan.)

Evan also stood side-by-side his brothers and joined rank among them as the head leader
Red Samurai Power Ranger!
(An honor, indeed!)

He invented cool games like, Wipe Out  Trampoline:

Sumo Wrestling Trampoline:

Alas, Sunday arrived, and it was time for Evan and Amanda to return to college.
Imagine my shock, when the boys told me they were going to college with Evan.

No amount of talking or rationalizing could persuade them.
"But, you're going to miss your birthday."
That's okay, Mom.  Maybe you could just wait and have it when we get home.
"But you'll miss soccer.."
That's okay - we can play frisbee and basketball with Evan.
"But you'll be all alone when Evan goes to class."
That's okay - we can take care of ourselves and Evan says we can eat water and noodles.
We LOVE water and noodles!
Yeah, and we can just sit outside his class in the hallway.
We'll go get some quiet toys to take to occupy us.
It wasn't until I refused to talk to them anymore that they finally felt enough guilt to stay home.
Nice, huh?

Lucky for all of us, we'll be re-uniting very, very soon 
as Nonnie and I will be taking a roadtrip with the boys to  Evan's college!

(Austin, Amanda, Logan, Lory, and Evan)
(Mason, Lory, Austin, Amanda, Logan and Evan)


Cheryl Lage said...

What a wonderful big brother! SUMO WRESTLING TRAMPOLINE!?!?!

That is AWESOME!

Bobbi said...

That is a special boy you have raised!!! I am crying, but that's ok!! how wonderful, and what memories were made!!! You know that the road trip may lead to not caring if you ever speak to them again!!!
Evan will recover.........but the birth control is good for now, right mom!?!?

Melinda said...

I'm so jealous, can Evan be my big brother too?!?!

And its a pity shame that Evan's not loved. Not at all. A shame I tell ya!

Nonnie said...

The Sumo Wrestlers are hilarious - leave it to Evan to think of that - they look like those little toys you wind up and they jump around. I can't help but laugh every time I look at that picture. Soooo cute.

Hannah said...

He is SUCH an amazing big brother. I am going to go drag Dmitry out of bed and berate him for not being a rock star!! Ok, I'm not really but I should! Evan is SO amazing. I am thinking his girlfriend must be pretty cool to hang with the monkeys too)

Helene said...

OMG, can I just tell you how much I love that you stopped talking to them as a way to make them feel guilty for wanting to leave home!!!!! I totally loved that!!!!! You know, cuz I do that all the time...and pretend to cry. Hey, whatever works, right?

I love all the games Evan played with them...what a fantastic brother he is.

Can you ask Evan and his girlfriend if they'll visit my kids for a week during their summer break???

Although that might really seal the deal for you on never having grandchildren from him. His sperm would probably shrivel up and die right there on the spot after just a few hours with my kids.

Dena said...

OMG....I think I may need wipe out trampoline! What an awesome brother! I MAY have let them go with Evan (for a day or two) hahaha!

look how BIG they've gotten!!!