Monday, February 7, 2011

New Drum Sets!

Creative boys + tolerant Daddy
 + a few miscellaneous odds and ends and a hockey stick or two
Voila - you've got instant drumsets!

(Austin in the back in red.  Logan up front in the white!)


Guatmama said...

Oh wow, not one but two drum sets - music melody no doubt!!

Anne said...

So fun! They look so cute sitting there with their home made drum sets.

For a second I thought you had lost your mind and actually gotten them both drum sets :)

Melinda said...

My girls have something like that, except they turn over their play shopping cart and use it like a drum. Even creates it own little seat that way...and a LOT of noise. Which I guess is the point :-)

Bobbi said...

were they playing you songs to heal your nose????

Very creative!!

Hannah said...

This is cracking me up! That is a whole lot of seriousness in their faces!! Love it!