Saturday, February 26, 2011

You didn't really think...

....that just because the last three (and a half) posts
(I'm counting the picture of the picture included in the Vday post!)
showed my children wearing normal, 
nay, ADORABLE outfits - 
you didn't think they had given up their autonomy in making their own clothing choices did you?

  Here is proof that they are still making me take them out in public lookin' like fools!

(FYI - we got quite a warm front in last week!)
(It's gone now.)


Bobbi said...

I think the socks and the sandals are my favorite part of their "stylin"

I can still get away with picking out his outfits, but not my girls!! Don't get me started!!

Tracey said...

stylin' for sure! Hula shirt was definitely my favorite...perfect for gymnastic too don't ya think?! Love them!

Melinda said...

Ok, the socks & sandals are cracking me up!! But overall, I'm diggin' their style!!

Hannah said...

I've never loved socks and flip flops more :)

Deb said...

Thanks for telling me a bit about your Steppin' back yesterday~ I love it! I am inspired! I sure treasure you, ya know? You're a true gift from God! Love ya!