Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Conversation Piecees!

Logan:  "Look, Mommy.  I just drew my WHOLE family!  
Mommy, Daddy, Mason, Evan, Austin and Lory and Amanda!"
Austin: "Nut-uh!  That's not your WHOLE family, Logan.  
You forgot God!"
Logan: "Oh yeah.  Oops!"
On a a particularly sunny day, Austin pulled his mittens out of the mitten and scarf box,
doing so created lots of particles in the sunlight.
Austin: "What are all these things called, Mommy?"
Me: "Um, dust bunnies"
Austin: "Oh" 
and then he lets out a big sigh, 
"Mom - when I'm a Dad, how will I EVER know ALL the answers?"

Later in the car, sunlight is still pouring through the windows.
Austin: "Logan do you know what all these little things are called?  They're dusk'a-nies."
Logan: "Huh?"
Austin: "Dusk'a-nee-nies."
Logan: "Dusk'a'ni'nies?"
Austin: "Yep!  Duska-ninny-na-pees"


Daddy: "Austin, USE your napkin, please.
Stop slurping up the noodles.
Austin: "Just relax, Dad. Calm down buddy, okay?"


Austin bosses Logan around to no end
"Logan, go get my water."
"Logan,  go get me a super hero costume."

We constantly tell Logan that he does not have to do everything his brother tells him to.
One night at bed time, Austin was laying on my bed watching TV and says,
"Logan, will you go get my jammies for me?"
Logan who was getting his jammies on like I asked, 
rolls his eyes and looks at me.
I stay out of it, but give him an encouraging look.
Logan says to Austin:  "No.  You go get them. I don't have to."
Austin: " Yes, you do because I'm bigger than you. So that makes me the BIG brother!"
Logan looks at me again and looks defeated.
Breaking my 4.75 year silence claiming that I do not know who's the oldest, 
I quietly say,
"Nut-uh,  Logan was born first."
They both look at me.
Me: "That means he's older."

Logan grins from EAR to EAR!  
Austin shouts - NUT-UH! No fair!
Logan never says a word, still wearing a smile, he just climbs up in the bed to watch tv, too.

And Austin goes and gets his own pajamas.
And I don't know why - but that was over two weeks ago, and I have not heard a peep about who's older since then?  And Austin is still ordering Logan around.


Valentine's Day was Mommy Day at preschool.  Knowing what went down for Daddy Day, I kept pestering the kids.  Are you making me a surprise?  Are you learning a new song for me?

I finally broke them one day and they sang they're cute little song for me.  As soon as it was done, Logan said, "Okay, Mommy - but BUT DONT TELL OUR TEACHER that we sang it for you, okay?"


After an evening playdate, the boys donned their pj's for the long ride home, but insisted on wearing their superhero costumes over them.  
Once we arrived home, Gary carried both sleeping boys to bed.
Then next morning, I opened my eyes and saw The Blue Power Ranger next to me in bed.  I fell back asleep.  The next time I opened my eyes, I saw the Green Power Ranger had joined us.  As I rolled over and drifted back to sleep, I thought how surprising it was that Gary left all those layers on, knowing our boys usually sleep in just undies.  Much later, I feel Logan moving around and assume he's removing some of the layers.  A few minutes go by and obviously not satisfied with the speed at which he's cooling off at, asks me to turn on the ceiling fan.  I pretend not to hear him, hoping he'll fall back asleep.   I'm almost back asleep myself, when he asks me again.  "Mommy, will you please turn on the fan?"  Desperate for my Saturday morning sleep, I get up hoping that the fan will provide him enough comfort to get another 15 - 30 minutes sleep out of them.   After I turn the fan on, I turn around to head back to the bed and my eyes about pop out of my head when I catch sight of Logan, stripped down to his birthday suit, legs and arms spread out as far as they will go. "Logan!"  I gasp in shock!  But as the fan blades have started going, Logan blissfully responds (as he fans his nether-regions) "ahhhhhh - it's sooooo hot down there!  Thank you, Mommy!"

Needless to say, Mommy did not go back to bed to that morning.  I let Nature Boy get his airing out and went down for some much needed coffee!


Me:  "Austin, you can either watch Curious George now, and then we'll watch Power Rangers or you can go to your room now and loose the chance to see Power Rangers.  It's your choice, but you are not going to sit here and fuss while Logan and I try to watch it." 
Austin doesn't say a word, but hops up on the couch with us.
Logan: "Good choice, Austin"
Me: "Thank you, Logan."
Logan: "And good point, Mommy!" and then gives me a smile and a thumbs up!
Me: "Well, thank you, again, Logan.  I do try, you know?"
Logan:  "I know, Mommy.  And most times you get it right."


Me: I need to go to take a shower.
Logan: Why?
Me: So I don't stink.
Logan: You don't stink.
Me: Thanks, baby.
Logan: You just smell like mommy to me.


Austin (shouting to me from downstairs): MOMMY?
Me (on the upstairs landing bending over and doing laundry): "Yeah?"
A pause and then,
obviously not pleased with my one worded response: 
"'Yeah's' not gonna get me a bowl of cereal, Mommy!"

Going to bed and having just spoken to their brother on the phone:
Austin:  Mommy, will you go get me some of Evan's cologne? Because I miss him and I want to smell him?


After discussing dinner options with the boys one night, we decided on eggs.  I went into the kitchen to start making them.  The boys were in the living room. Austin suddenly ran and opened the back door and then went back to watching tv.
"Austin!  Please shut the door.  Why in the world did you open it in the first place?"
Austin: "I thought you said you were going to start making dinner, Mommy."
Me: "I am, baby.  But why did you open the door, honey?"
Standing beside the open door he looks at me like isn't it obvious
"Uh, for the smoke, Mommy."

Okay, stop laughing!  In my defense, two nights prior I had made popcorn from kernels, and oil and kernels got all over the burners and filled the house with smoke.  The following nights dinner netted the same results as the oil was still on the stove.  But still.......


Tracey said...

HI-larious for sure! They crack me up. I can't decide which is my favorite...the smoke is awesome for sure but I also love the Evan story...super sweet!!

Hannah said...

They are SO funny!!! I crack up at all their stories :)

Steph said...

I LOVE these boys!!!

Bobbi said...

As always, I loved these!! AND, now we do know who is older!! Great timing, Mom!! And, said at the most appropriate time, I would say!