Monday, July 26, 2010

Fresh LemonAid!!!

My office participates in the Anthem LemonAid Stand
and when I told the twins that we would be working a shift the next dayselling lemonaid,
that went ape wild on me! 


They couldn't go to bed,  They were too excited.

They kept asking me if I really, really meant it!

They "practiced" all night selling lemonade to Daddy and I. 
The next morning they woke up rearing to go -
except first,we had to finish VBS,
and then we had to "kill" some time swimming in Van's pool.

Finally, it was time to go! 

To say the boys were excited....well, truly, that would be a very mis-leading understatement. 

EcSTatic!  Beside themselves?!  Hog Wild to be "cookers."

I was so surprised they needed no prompting. 
We arrived at the stand and they immediately started yelling,
okay, "screaming" 
FRESHHHHHH  Lemonladddddddde!!!  Get your Freshhhhhhhhhhhhh  LemonLaddddde!   

"Look! A customer!"

Can you believe - some people walked by without even speaking?
They earned some LOUD groans from my two!

Lulled by the promise of an exciting, GREAT time, Van joined us in the fun!
Raise noise levels 2 more decibles!

The boys even gave out lemons, stickers and balloons to each lucky purchaser.
And truth be told, they gots lots and lots of "extra" donations just for being so stinking cute!

Our three Lemonheads:

(looking tough!....cuz that's what a lemon hat will do to you....)


Laurie said...

How cute! I would have bought some lemonade from them! :)

Tracey said...

They were quite the salesmen huh? Love the lemonhead shot...can't wait to show that to their prom dates!!

Bobbi said...

Didn't get to comment. LOVED the VBS video!!

How could people resisit those three??? Obviously, they had something wrong with them.

NOW, that is something you should have gotten on video!!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Dear Gott in Himmel, the lemonheads SOOOO trump the cheeseheads!

LOVE your little altruists!

Anne said...

So cute! I love the last picture with the posin' in the Lemonhead hats.

Hannah said...

Seriously people walked by?? I would have had to buy the entire stock of lemonade! They are SO stinking cute!!

We are doing a lemonade stand in about two weeks form now to benefit an orphanage in Guatemala. My two are VERY excited about it too. They want me to have a yard sale just so they can sell goodies on the side!