Sunday, September 26, 2010

Soccer Saturdays!

With three Soccer Saturdays behind us now, I felt like it was time for a Soccer Post!

The separate team thing - working out brilliantly
...for them! 
(For us, it's a bit of a challenge - but all in all sooo worth it!)

 Logan - BLUE.
Austin - ORANGE!

It's HOT out there!!

 The Soccer Posse!

Logan playing side-ball with his Uncle Mitch!

Logan (in the middle) had just kicked that ball away from the green team!
Go Logan! 

Before Austin's game, he and Logan had some time to play by themselves!
Although, the official word is that they won't have to square off against each other....
...this season.

They laughed the whole time!
All the kids do - even in the games! 
It's soooooo adorable!
And heartwarming!
Although either twin gets mad 
(when sitting on the sidelines with us)
if Nonnie or I clap for the opposing team.
They tell us we're not  supposed to!

I love this picture!
for many reasons...
First off, for some reason - they look like they just got caught doing something!
Which is a look I'm very familiar with!
I also love that's it shows both of them in their cute little uniforms! 
And lastly, it's very rare for me to see the similarities in my children.
I still answer, "I don't know if they're identical..."
Cuz we don't know.
And for the most part, they don't look very alike to me.
However, in this picutre - I "see" it!
Where they look very alike.
I think it's cute!


Samantha and Woody said...

I know exactly what you mean about that photo!

Heidi said...

Lookin' good boys! Future World Cup athletes for sure!

Anne said...

I love that last picture too. I have often wondered if they were identical because sometimes they look it and other times they don't. But either way, they are way cute! I'm glad they are enjoying soccer. John really is, but Luke can't wait for the games to end so he can go play on the playground.

Hannah said...

They look so cute! I love the action shots and that last picture is SO great!

Bobbi said...

What I wouldn't give to come to one of those games!! SO CUTE!!! Looks like they are enjoying it, and so is Mom!!

Lainey-Paney said...

How cute are they!?