Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day(s) of School!

Our Preschool FINALLY started last week. 
Our First FIRST day was just a "1-hour trial run." 
Then the first FULL day was Thursday.  
Then - we were out for the weekend. 
So, Monday was another FIRST - the FIRST day to the FIRST full week of preschool. 

Each of the days, I attempted to get a FIRST day of school picture!

FIRST - despite the previous SIX weeks of being bombarded
with millions of other pictures on facebook and blogger
showcasing EVERYONE ELSE in the world going back to school,
our OWN back to school SNUCK up on me
And I somehow forgot to get the twins' hair cut.

So, Day 1 - hair too long, but I did manage to have cute clothes on them!
Austin was cute - he asked if he and Logan were going to be in different classes.
Nope - sorry buddy.  Your school's not big enough to have two 4 year old classes. 
When I went to wet his hair - to get it to all LAY DOWN just I had done to his brother moments before,
Austin started fussin' - "But MOM!!  I don'twannaLOOKlikeaTWIN!" 

 (Logan left.  Austin right.)

Banana face!
Muchin breakfast!

The next day, I lost the clothes battle AND I still had not had their hair cut!
So I didn't bother taking any pictures!

Next attempt.

Hair cut.  Okay outfits.  Silly faces!

But I didn't get their new self-made backpacks.
Next day, Camera died.
Next day, Austin was sick and didn't go to school.
blah, blah, blah.

So - I'm done.
I'm callin' it.
And stickin with their first FIRST trial run day!

Long hair, shadows, bananas, missing backpacks and ALL!


Melinda said...

I love all the pictures! Even though they're not "perfect" pictures, they show personality. Which is much more important in my opinion. Love those sweet, silly faces. Makes me want a little boy...or two...but NOT at the same time!! Don't tell my husband!

Kelly said...

I cannot believe how big they are !!!!!!! Where did our babies go??????????? I think the pics are perfect !!!!!

Guatmama said...

Love it!

Anne said...

I love it! Those pictures capture what your life is really like and that is what counts.

Tracey said...

Super cute...long hair short hair backpacks or not, they are perfectly adorable every day! We gotta get a school schedule play schedule going. Van is missin' his buddies. He put a picture of them on his "All about Me" poster for show n tell cute!!

Serving the King said...

OH gracious they are so cute!! Love it! Our twins are 8 now but their preschool years continue to hold some of my favorite memories!!

Steph said...

Cute! They are absolutely PERFECT!! You really wouldn't want it any different, right?!?! That would be BORRRRRING! :)

And, don't worry. Pea's first day of preschool pics weren't that great. No backpack either. Oh well!

Hannah said...

Those are great! I love them with banana faces, long hair and sill faces.

Bobbi said...

I love your REAL posts!! Life happens to us all! Love the first first day pic, and like it or not, they look adorable, and like TWINS!!