Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going out as a Singleton

In my Twins Mom group, we use that word to descibe non-twin children. 
A singleton.

And I think I am just as excited
As Logan and Austin are
about their upcoming Solo Soccer debuts.

As we've seen documented here already,
Austin and Logan both posess some sort of athletic ability.
To be fair to each of them and to their own ability
and to give them their own experience with a coach
who just knew that child
without comparing him,
Gary and I decided to place the boys on separate soccer teams.

The boys seem to be perfectly fine with this.
Last week, Logan got to go meet his coach and pick up his uniform.
Because I wanted Logan to be "seen" as a singleton and not as "part of a twin"
I left Austin with my bff and her family.
Logan and I began the evening with a date night to
The Great Nasty Taco Fast Food Place
(his choice)
Logan's team was getting together the night we left to take Evan to college.
And the coach's son was out of town.
So, Logan got to meet just the coach.
It was still all very exciting.
Afterwards, on the way to pick up Austin, Logan changed into his uniform.
Upon seeing his brother in his fully outfitted uniform, Austin burst into tears.
He said his (little) heart was broken (to pieces), because he didn't have his uniform yet.
He cried.  All night.
At least 2 hours.
Until I finally told him that he would get to
PLAY with his team and MEET his teammates when it was his turn.
Then, he stopped crying, and said
"Ha-ha, nanny-nanny, boo,boo"
to his brother.

Both Austin and Logan have been wearing Logan's uniform.
When it was Austin's turn to go meet his coach.
Logan put his uniform on.
And we dropped him off at the same bff's house.

Austin was super shy at first.
And hid behind me.
He and I finally played some soccer and then the coach practiced them for an hour! 
He had a BLAST!
I kept busy by making a fool out of myself with the other moms.
"Has he played soccer before?"
No, they've done gymnastics and some basketball camp.
"Is he is preschool?"
Yes, they go to TLC.
It aint easy untraining Mom.
I finally fessed up.
That HE was a twin and this was his first solo team experience.
Not that I was gonna keep it a permanent secret.
But I just wanted them to get to know Austin as Austin.
And I'm sure they still will. 

Austin was ecstatic after his practice.
Just glowing!
And sweating.

He too, changed into his uniform.
And he made me stop by the same dreaded Colon Cleansing Place again for dinner.
(Cus that's what Logan and Mommy did).

When we went to pick up Logan, he was excited to hear about Austin's night.
Nobody cried.
They both talked "soccer" all the way home.
And played/practiced in the backyard until dark.

Here's our current set-up:
Logan, Team Dolbermans, blue jersey, #2
Austin, Team Huskies, orange jersey, believe it or not, also #2
(For the record, this was the jersey # each child was handed.)

Now, we just hold our breath until the schedule comes out
and see how much their games overlap
and if they are even on different fields across town!

(insert me biting my nails!)

Okay, so I didn't want to whip out the camera during our first (one on one) meet and greet with Logan's coach and I didn't want to be the only mom snapping away pics at Austin's first practice and having the moms look at me with even more distrust (why does she refer to her child as "they?" and take lots of pictures?)

Instead, I opted to take just a few pics of them before we left to take Austin.

Logan put on his uniform.
After having witnessed Austin's jealous fit last week, Logan planned on being prepared!
And Austin dressed in his interpretation of "soccer."


Logan actually pulled his shirt out of the dryer (still wet) and wore it cuz,
 "It's not wet, Mom - it's WARM!"
(Yeah, check back in a few minutes, Logan and let me know if it still feels WARM, k?)

Truly, stud-muffins in my book!
Logan knows this is how you wear your soccer shirt.
Tucked in.

Austin, baby - those are not SUNglasses.
YES. THEY. ARE. Mumpy!
(Mumpy is my new nickname.  He only uses it when he's whining or mad.)
(He uses it a LOT.)

Austin, those are your 3-d glasses.  For the movies.
NO. MUMPY!  When I wear THESE, its like everything is raining! 
(I truly cannot stop laughing!)

My cuties!
First game is September 11th!!


Cheryl Lage said...

You always make me laugh, Mupmy! ;)
Think your "singleton" time sounds wise and wonderful....and if they DO play 'against' each other, they'll (and you'll!) be fine!

Keep us updated!

Nonnie said...

OMG - what fun we're going to have watching these little "jewels" play soccer - I can hardly wait.

Donna said...

heehee - Nonnie said, "OMG"


Deb said...

I love those boys......

Anne said...

I love the whole post! Good job for signing them up on different teams. John's first game is Sept. 11th too. Can't wait to hear how they do!!

Hannah said...

That is too funny. I love that you are such a weirdo around other moms. Me too. Except I would have taken a camera and then since it has been surgically attached to my face I would not see a huge hole and fall right in, in front of all the cute perky moms. Not that that has happened before. :)

Sophia's first game is the 11th too...but we are skipping because it's her birthday and she wants to skip it. I probably should make her go but I like to teach my children to be self absorbed quitters.

I don't have any more smart mouth comments but I've decided to make this one really really long. I know how you like to do that...
La la la la la la la la {That is the the theme to the Smurfs, sing along with me!} la la la la la la la :)

Love ya!