Friday, September 3, 2010


This week's Favorite Foto(s) Friday is Jump!

My lifetime, longest friend, we grew up next door to each other, Karen,
took these photos for me while we were on our annual summer vacation (that I've yet to blog about):

(Logan, left.  Austin, right)

And to tell ya just how good of a friend she is, she took these pictures moments after we spotted this in the grass:

To see more FFF and to join in on the fun,
Hop on over to Hannah's blog!


Hannah said...

I love those little jumping beans! They are so cute...What is NOT cute is that snake! YUCK!!!

Melinda said...

I agree with Hannah, boys...cute. Snake...not so cute! I love how they're holding hands too. Very sweet!

Terri said...

I'll agree with both Hannah and Melinda!

It's actaully a really cool pictures of the snake and what a great friend for taking it for you! =)

Those boys are the cutest! Love their smiles!

Bobbi said...

I loved these pics, especially the ones of them holding hands.

The soccer post had me in tears, and crying. Great idea separating them, but I pray they don't play against each other!!! But, you know they will:>) Can't wait to hear more about this season.

Cassie has a set of twins in her class, and she is good friends with them. I can FINALLY tell them apart if I look close. One has a mole on her face:>) But, they play together because their Dad coaches. Surprisingly, on the field during games they do well together. Otherwise,we think they may kill each other:>) But, everyone lumps them together, and I agree that they need to be who each of them is. Their Mom does have them in separate classes in school for that reason.

Love the glasses and WARM uniform shirt all tucked in.