Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Seriously - why do we continue to buy toys
when there is so much fun to be had with everyday items?

Like pita bread -

In an all too quiet house (NEVER a good sign),
 I crept upstairs to see what Austin and Logan were up to...

Duh!  I should have known!

(Austin heading up his bunkbed with pita bread in his mouth.

...and placing it on the ceiling fan, uh the "cooker" I was told...

They were "Cooking Pizza, Momma!!!"

I didn't get mad at first, cuz I thought it was pretty  darn creative.

Then, I stepped in wet pita bread.
"Boys, why is the pita WET?"
Cuz it fell in the water.
"Water?  What water?"
In the bowls, Momma.  We was kitties before we was cookers.
And we was drinkin water outta our bowls, then they fell over.

Okay - CLEAN UP, time!
ALL the pita.  ALL the water.

Later, I came back up to check in on their clean-up progress.
They used that time to sneak out and  head downstairs.

And then I heard a loud SPLASH.

"BOYS!!!  What was THAT!?!"

I came downstairs to find two boys
stripped naked (again)
WATER SLIDING across the kitchen floor.

They had actually filled a bucket with water and dumped it out
(Didn't tell you about that part, did I, Daddy!?)

After this ten minute span of fun (between the pita-pizza and the water slide),
they spent the next 1.5 hours cleaning the kitchen floor,
cleaning their toy room
and cleaning their bedroom.
(Even though Daddy still found "pita everyWHERE!")

Truthfully, this sort of stuff does not send me over the edge.
NOT listening, disobeying, acting up a fool when we are OUT,
THAT'S the stuff that SENDS ME!
As long as it CAN be cleaned up,
I can handle it.
(Daddy may disagree here!)

Well, I'm off to see what adventures today brings!


Tracey said...

oh my...at least there wasn't a bag of flour in the mix!! Boys will be boys right?? Imagination rules. We WANNA play soon. Good luck at school this week.

Andrea said...

Thank you for your fabulous story...for some reason, I thought you were peeking into my future with my two boys! Your final statement was one I would have written. Can't wait to hear more stories :)

Helene said...

OMG.."we was kitties before we was cookers"...that cracked me up right there!

Well, you have to give them credit for one thing...they are creative!! At least they had the thought to climb up on the bed and place the pita nicely on the fan. My kids just stand underneath the fan and throw things up into it...resulting in several dents in our family room walls from things flying into the walls at 50 mph. As they laugh hysterically.

If they wanted to dump water all over the floor, they least they could have done was asked you for the mop!!! I mean, really....they were SOOOO close to cleaning the floor for you.

Steph said...

HAHAHA!!! I LOVE the kitties part! They certainly are creative!

Hannah said...

Ha-Ha! I LOVE them :)