Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall 2010!

"Slacker blogger!" you're saying!?!
Well, fine - I'll take the heat!
for we have NOT been slackin' in real life!
Here's a brief run down of what we've been doing these last 2 weeks:

Latin festival:
This dance troup was awesome!
They saw us taking pictures of the boys and offered to pose for us - 

  - And then my camera died. ;-(
But look at the LITTLE ones!   and the little costumes!
Wish I had better pictures, but oh well!

Then, Evan came home from college!
Guess who mised him lots!
Well, we ALL did, but his little brothers were definitely happy to have him (and Amanda) home!

And Mason and Lory have been around for some fun!

There was also the German festival.
Austin and Logan TOUR UP the Chicken Dance!

And Nonnie took us apple picking!

And of course, we've had lots more of this: 
Both of soccer and of Van, but not near enough of Van!
(who leaves THIS Friday to go pick-up his baby brother Zak, in China!)

Isn't it nice, when your posse can fill an entire sideline!

I'm going to try and hit a few of the adventures mentioned here in their own post,
but don't hold your breathe for that one
as we've still got some busy weeks ahead of us!

Happy FALL!


Samantha and Woody said...

A life with no time for blogging is a good life! I understand! But nice to see photos of all your cute boys.

Tracey said...

It has been a happy happy fall with our best buddies for sure! Cannot wait to be a gang of four SOON! Love all these pix!!!

Hannah said...

Slacker. I mean OBVIOUSLY you have been just sitting eating ice cream and not posting. You are OBVIOUSLY NOT busy at all :)

LOVE the pictures of my someday son(s) in law. Looks like you guys are having a blast.

Now I have to go sit and eat some ice's all I do :)

Bobbi said...

OK, I love the posse! My girls have one too!

Too busy living to be blogging......that's my motto lately.

UM, can you make them stop growing??? But, oh, so handsome. And, those older boys of yours are quite a catch too:>)O

Terri said...

I wondered where you were at and now I see you all have been busy, busy, busy!!!

Great pictures and how fun to have a Latin Festival! Very cool!

I'm with Hannah....have some ice cream! =)