Monday, September 6, 2010


Being in a recession calls for tough measures. 
Feelin' like you can't take your children to that expensive water theme park?
There's no need to rob them of the joy experienced 
in hurling down a slippery slide at breakneckin speeds! 

As shown here by my husband, simply combining a few backyard toys
and a water hose can create TONS of fun for the boys! 


Melinda said...

That is awesome! I wanna play too!! You win the funnest parent award for sure (is funnest even a word?!)!!

Tracey said...

Okay Van almost split a gut laughing so hard at this...I don't know what was funnier...the slide or the bathrobe pushfest...Van votes for the pushing! What was that song and dance number? I don't recall it from VBS!!

Cheryl Lage said...

MAN! They came SHOOTING off the end of that slide! :)

Helene said...

Oh wow, I wanna come to your house and play!!! That looks like so much fun!!! We have a play structure similar to that and sometimes we'll hook up the hose to the slide and they come whooshing like nobody's business down that slide. You all are way smarter than me though...your hubby stands at the end of the slide to catch them. I just laugh at mine as they slide across the grass and get grassburn on their butts.

Kelly said...

OMG I love it !!!!!!! How's that for a comment LOLOLOL Love ya Love your fam !

Hannah said...

Coolest. Mom. Ever!!