Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Three Men (uh, boys) in a tub...(uh, wagon!)

Van, Logan (in the back) and Austin (red and white shorts)
A.k.a - "Nope, they're not triplets, they're Twins plus One"

We are sooooo lucky that these three get to spend their summers together!

And this is how the Mommies find them everyday after work -
 hot, sweaty, exhuasted (and barely dressed) and full of stories about their days' adventures!

Click below to see Evan giving the boys a "Roller Coaster" ride!


Bobbi said...

Making some good memories right there!!! Wish we were your neighbors!

Tracey said...

We could not be more blessed than to have these "brothers" Austin and Logan...what an amazing summer they had!

Hannah said...

Those three look like some serious trouble. Cute trouble, seriously cute trouble!

Anne said...

Looks like they have a lot of FUN! I got your email and will reply today or um maybe tomorrow... Sorry :)