Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation Bible School

This summer, we were able to take advantage of VBS at Nonnie's church. 
Triplet Van joined us in on the fun.

They gave us an iron-on to put on a shirt for the last day.

We all know that Austin and Logan's obsession is basketball or "sport" clothing,
so I didn't bother going out to buy brand new t-shirts to put these iron-ons on.

But when the boys woke up on the last day of VBS,
they were ECSTATIC to see their SonQuest Rainforest t-shirts!

They thanked me all morning long for "making" their shirts.

Logan can't stop looking down and admiring his shirt.

They are soooo proud of them!

I feel really, realllllllllllllly bad for
um, well, heeheeeheee,
stickin' their iron-ons on some old size 2/3 tee's! 
For the record, I had them try the shirts on first, but I think I just looked at the shoulders which fit.
Didn't realize I would be outfittin' them in some belly -exposin' -Brittany tees!

They're still ca-yute!

"Look - a BEEEEEEEEE!"

(Any flying insect is a bee!)
"Hold still, Austin.  I think he landed on your shoulder."

Warms my heart every time I see this!!

And of course, the highlight of the week....
Attending the end of the week presentation!
We are STILL singing ALL of these songs!


Deb said...

Love love love this!