Saturday, July 10, 2010

Side effects

Austin and Logan made it an entire 14 months without getting sick.  Going to preschool, church and everything else we do, that's pretty amazing.

However, it does have it's downside - like a Mommy who's not too schooled in doling out medicine.

In typical twin style the boys got sick a few days apart.  Austin went in to our pediatrics office.  Logan went to an urgent care facility.  We got two different types of meds, two different colors, two different dosages.  .....Or. were. they???

With Austin, we were told to have him eat yogurt to offset "loose" stools.  Even though he happily ate the yogurt, he did have a blow out or two.

Until.  Mommy realized we were giving him meds 3xday instead of 2.  And he even had a higher dosage (200mg) more than Logan. 

End result (pun intended), Austin climbs into my bed one night/early morning, having shed his britches  en route, lays down, eyes never fully opened.  Before I can ask him what's up, he grabs his ankles, throws them in the air (exposing his bottom) and says half-asleep,

"I just need some butt-creme, please."   ;-) 

(insert imaginary image here)

Sorry, baby - Mommy will be sure and read and re-read all future medicine bottles!


While in the living room drinking one of my super-tasty, fruit filled (milk snuck in) smoothies, Logan comes barrelling full speed out doing the silent cry! 

He jumps into my arms, legs kicking, scream released, howling away.

I try to yell at Austin, fully convinced he's at fault, if not at least aware of what happend.

Logan's oxygen intake levels off and he's finally able to start blurting out, "My nose!  My nose!! It hurtsssssssssssss, Mommy!!!!  Oweeeee!  Oweeeeeee!!!"

Ahhhhhhh - "Sweetie, did you drink the WHOLE smoothie ALL at once?  And too fast?"

Poor baby cried for a full ten minutes!

Lesson learned there, too! 


Laurie said...

That medicine thing could really get tricky! Hope the two are feeling better!

Bobbi said...

UGH!!! Gotta love "butt medicine" It is hard to keep the meds straight. I can totally relate!!!

BRAIN FREEZE!! HA!! I enjoyed the blame game:>)