Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"This" close....

The other night, I made a quick decision to head out to the grocery store. 
Daddy was home. 
Logan was still drowzy from an afternoon nap. 

I told Austin he could come with me.

Males in my house do not care for this modern thing called clothing.
So, leaving meant having to get Austin dressed.

I thought I'ld use my
if-you-wanna-go-to the-store with Mommy, I'm leaving NOW "dire sense of urgency,"
to sneak in a Mommy-outfit.

I thought I did pretty good, don't you?
It was cute and even on the "normal" side of the dress code.
Cute little jean shorts.
Little surfer shirt.

And again, with massive amounts of "urgency/there's NO time to waste!"

I tasked Austin with grabbing a quick pair of shoes. 

My vision was crocks or flops.

His version?! 
Christmas socks and brown shoes.

I was soooooooo close to a "respectable" outfit!  ;-)
I should've known he'ld find a way to sneak in HIS version of proper attire!  LOL

And on top of that shoe combo, I noticed something else going on with his face...

Looks wet, doesn't he?
The boy had "put lotion" on his face and "gel" (read: more lotion) in his hair.


Samantha and Woody said...

Ha ha ha ha I have to go pick out adorable coordinated outfits for my boys now... while I still can!

Bobbi said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! I think the kicker was the "gel"

Hannah said...

Love it!! Our grandchildren are going to be very cute but very bad dressers! Sophia does the lotion in the hair too...also mashed potatoes and cheesecake. Anything creamy is lotion and gel. GROSS!