Sunday, July 18, 2010

Extended camping...

You might remember awhile back, we went camping.

I'm happy to report that we ended up camping out for about a week.

The boys even managed to sleep in the tent most nights! 
As long as Daddy slept on the couch.

One day we drank hot chocolate
(apparently, this is something you do when camping...?)
We made flashflight puppets on the tent walls.
The boys zipped up ALL the openings and hid it in several times!
All guests and visitors were invited INTO the tent. 
Okay, truthfully, they were EXPECTED to go into the tent.
Mommy had to explain that the Fed-Ex driver was excused from camp.

And on the last day of our camping, we roasted marshmellows!

Roasting marshmallows is very, very serious!

(Again, this is my kind of camping!! )


Bobbi said...

Boys, you are coming to ME, and we are going to roast marshmallows the ME way!!!:>)

Glad you are having fun camping. I think the Fed Ex guy should have come to check out camp!!

Gary, how's the back??

Helene said...

You are such a fun Mom!!!! Today, the kids went into the garage and took out all the little pop-up tents and tunnels and put them together in the family room. I freaked out because it was such a mess!! Tim was like, "Dude, breathe into a paper bag or something. It's not that big of a deal".

I could use some "how to chill out and let the kids have fun" lessons from you! Love that you roasted marshmellows with a tealight candle...ingenius!!!

Hannah said...

That is SO fun! I would go nuts with the tent set up for a week. I am a little bit of a freak like that!

LOVE the indoor marshmallows too.