Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More everyday'ness...

While helping me out in the kitchen, I asked Logan to grab me a pair of scissors. 
But when he opens the utility drawer a little too hard, it comes all the way out of its tracks and the contents of the drawer go flying onto the kitchen floor. 
Upon seeing the items on the floor and one item in particular,
both boys YELL "Sharpie!!!!" and high tail it out of the room.  ;-) 

I giggle and think...
"ahhhhhh......My work here is done."

I have taught them well. 
(And, go, figure, they have actually learned.) 

If all goes according to plan, it will be High School before they learn the true meaning of a Sharpie. 
For now, I'm sticking with, "Sharpies are VERY, VERY dangerous!  VERY! 
If you ever touch one, INTENSE pain will follow and you can NEVER undue it! 
So, boys, whenEVER you see a Sharpie, RUN!  RUN like the dickens!!


One evening, Gary had started the bath. 
Boys get in.  Gary starts laundry. 
I head upstairs to finish bath.   I pass Gary on the stairs. 
Boys have been alone maybe 40 seconds? 
But I can hear them playing and giggling as I enter the bathroom. 
Surprise!  Surprise!  I immediately see that my
"Always CLOSE the shower curtain to avoid massive amounts  of water OUTSIDE the tub"
rule is not being followed. 
As I approach the tub to close the curtain, I am quite shocked to see 4 or 5 bath towels IN the tub.

"OH my GOODNESS!!! WHY?  WHY are all of Mommy's towels IN the tub!?! 
WHY?" I loudly shrieked.

Austin very unaffected, but a little concerned for my in-his-mind irrational behaviour:
"Mom. (If he were a teenager, the word "Chill!" would have been inserted here). 
Because we was just doing our laundry."
And rolls his eyes.


Logan has always been extremely ticklish on his back and his neck.  
When he was little, my kisses (on those two areas) would elicit many giggles. 
And being the big fan of tickles and giggles, I could never resist raising the tickle factor a notch or two by flicking my tongue back and forth under his chin/neck area.

End result:
I have a child who will sit on my lap. 
Throw his head back, fully exposing his neck and none too shyly, all too loudly shout,
"LICK me, Mommy!  LICK me!"



As twins, Austin and Logan seem to share a lot of the same space. 
They sit together.  On top of each other.  They'll even stand together sometimes. 
Whenever Logan stands behind Austin, Austin giggles because Logan's breathing tickles him. 
Of course, Logan exagerates his breathing to (like his Mommy) maximize the tickle factor. 

End result: 
Austin will now run up to me, snuggle up/lean against me, and none too shyly, all too loudly shout,
"SNIFF me, Mommy!  SNIFF me!"


In case, you don't fully see the humor in this, imagine being out in public - a restaurant, a movie, whatever and your (loud) children are circling you (in their crazy self-dressed outfits) shouting
 "SNIFF me, Mommy!  LICK me, Mommy!"


Along the whole twin line thing, Austin has recently started identifying himself  a LOT when he's talking.  More so in the car, but it goes something like this:  "I need a drink, please, Mommy It's ME, Austin." 
Or I'll say "Who got a gold star at school today?"  "Mommy, I did!!  It's ME, Austin!"

Nevermind, that I can clearly distinguish their voices apart.  I guess he's just tired of people mixing them up, so he goes to extra lengths to "pre-identify" himself. 

I, of course, have started responding, "Here's your drink, Austin.  It's ME, Mommy!"


After dinner the other night, (and after the grocery strore run where Austin managed to sweet talk quite a few extras into my cart), the boys were enjoying their special yogurt snack when Gary said, "Alright boys, can we get some spoons or something?  That's no way to eat a yogurt!"

Heeheehee - Gary doesn't watch too many kids tv commercials these days, does he?

I don't think he really believed me when I said, "Uh...yeah...they're called Crushables.  That's how you're supposed to eat them......really.....It is.  That's the whole concept......I have no idea why.  It just is!"


Helene said...

Goodness, I just love posts like this!!! Your boys crack me up!!

I love that Austin feels the need to identify himself just in case you mix him up with his brother. But I love your response even more!!

Oh and the "lick me, sniff me, Mommy" is hysterical! And of course they say it out in public because it's funnier than way!!

Samantha and Woody said...


Tina said...

They are just too much!!! Seriously, cuteness overload over here! And crushables are banned here but frozen coolision are not. And each time we have one we have to say "get your frozen blast on." lol

Bobbi said...

I love these!! Your life is so funny!! What is great is that you too see the humor:>)

Gary, really, that's how you are supposed to eat them. I know, eeewwwww. I am with you

Tracey said...

Too cute! I am working on that Sharpie danger thing too...not quite there yet. I have heard Austin make his identity known a bunch lately I get it.

Hannah said...

I LOVE the sharpie story! That is brilliant AND hilarious! I love it!

I swear there are times that Sophia does stuff and I'll think of you...I'll think "What if I had TWO Sophia's??"


Heidi said...

Thanks for making me laugh! I love reading about your boys' antics. Emmi loves those crush cups too. It's so weird! And Austin pre-identifying precious!