Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Yes I know...bad blogger...;-)

I know it has been awhile since my last update....the thing is, I've just been "waiting" (I swear once we're home I am banning that word from my vocabulary!) to hear something from Guatemala.

The new birth certificates were supposed to have been picked up Monday or Tuesday, but I have not heard anything yet. Then, another few days to translate all documents and our lawyer is hoping to submit us to the embassy Monday, June 11th. So, hopefully, next week we will know when out Visa appointment is.

Right now, everything is still a go for my departure June 14th. please pray that this actually happens. I am trying very hard to allow God's plan to work out, not just mine. If I have learned anything this past year it is that His timing ultimately needs to take place, not mine. ;-)

I have sent the lawyer an e-mail asking her to see if the foster parents would join me for two nights at the hotel. We would get adjoining rooms and we would spend those two days transitioning care over to me. I could observe how they soothe the children, if and how they discipline them at all, feedings, etc. I think this will greatly help me so that I do not have to "wing it" so much. And overall, it will help the boys if I can at least meet their needs in a manner familiar to them. I also would imagine their little hearts might transition better over two days as opposed to a 20 minute "hand-off." Please pray that this works out according to God's plan, too!

After that I will head to Antigua, where we have booked a room here:

Looks like heaven, doesn't it!! There, we will wait until they tell us we can come home.

Last, I know that you all are awesome prayer warriors for us, so I humbly request for your general prayers as the next several days will bring us:

- The arrival of Gary's parents from Maine on Saturday for Mason's graduation
- The arrival on Monday of Mason and Evan's older brother, Blake and their mother, Lisa
- Mason's graduation on Tuesday (yippee!!)
- Final exams for Evan in the midst of visiting family and Mason's graduation
- Word of our new birth certificates
- Admittance to the US Embassy for pink
- Receival of Pink informing us of our Visa appointment
- And my departure (at last!) on Thursday, June 14th!

Swoo, I'm tired already just typing all that! Oh - and did I mention re-packing? I had just finished unpacking from not going in May! ;-) But that's a problem I don't mind having!!!

Thanks for still being on the journey with us!


Tam said...

It is so unbelievably exciting! C'mon PINK!