Saturday, June 23, 2007

A "First" We Didn't Miss

Through the wonders of technology, Donna's Dad and I were able last night to witness with our own eyes a "first" for our grandsons. We watched in wonder thru the magic of a video cam on our PC as Austin and Logan walked (but mostly ran) around outside their room at Quinta de las Flores, took one step off the veranda into the courtyard where a light afternoon rain was in progress, and held out a tiny little hand to receive a rain drop. It was obvious from their reactions that they had never felt rain before, for they immediately turned around and headed back up the step to safety, not knowing what it was they had just encountered.

However, being inquisitive young fellows, they once again ventured off the step into the rain and back to safety several more times until they became comfortable enough to stay and play awhile in the light drizzle. Amazing hardly begins to describe how we felt as we watched this miracle unfold before our eyes. So, maybe we've missed a lot of "firsts" for them, but this one that we were privileged to view will remain etched in our minds forever as a priceless gift from them to us.

We have so much to look forward to and so many more "magical" firsts once those babies come home.


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