Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting Re-acquainted

It's Grandma again - Donna's having communications problems in Guatemala and her internet is not working, so I've been asked to keep the blog going until she is able to resume those duties.

She is with the boys and they are all in the process of getting to know one another again. Donna says the boys are "mucho activo" (very active). They understand Spanish very well and are adjusting to English - Austin actually called her "Mama" which, of course, was the highlight of her day. She is fortunate to have the two daughters from the foster family staying with her and helping the boys in their adjustment - Donna says she and the girls have really hit it off. They have been very helpful by encouraging Austin & Logan to go to her and to call her Mama, etc. - I think she is really going to miss them when they all part company.

Tomorrow at 1:00 pm, Donna is off to Antigua where Gary will be joining her sometime next week. They will stay there until they get their Embassy appointment, which she hopes will be very, very soon. And then, it's home to America - I, for one, can hardly wait.

She is quite anxious to get her "internet" connection back up and running and as soon as she does, she will once again be posting on this blog.