Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Present and accounted for...

Austin and Logan survived the earthquake! My friend/translator just called and she spoke with the foster family. They felt it pretty bad, but they are all okay, present and accounted for! Yay!

Okay - now, lets just put our praying hats on one more time and pray me on down to Guatemala. Most of you know that I am flying on stand-by or what is called a "buddy" pass. And I will most definitely need your prayers and God's intervention to get me on that plane!

Not to worry, though. For the last few days, I think I have finally found my zen, my inner peace and it's getting me through all of this.

Ever try to catch something delicate like bubbles, or butterflies, or those little twirling helicopter leaves, maybe an escaped feather from your down comforter? How do you try and catch it? Do you swat at it, reaching for it, trying to grab it? Ever notice that in fact by trying to catch it, you're actually creating a wind current that sends the object of your desire further away. Or worse yet - you wind up popping the delicate bubble. So how do catch it? You relax. you sit still. you stay calm. And you open up your hands. You just cup them together and leave them as they are, hands poised ready to receive. And the object of your desire will float gently and safely into your waiting open hands.

So, when trying to catch something as the delicate as the preciousness of my baby boys, I'm not going to frantically swat around anymore. I'm not going to get in God's way by creating a wind current for Him to overcome.

I just going to relax. and sit still. try and stay calm. And I am going to place my hands, palm up and empty, ready to receive. to receive those two precious and delicate gifts He has chosen just for me and my family.


Tam said...

Nice post. I will try to remember to do the same during this PGN wait...

Gina said...

That was beautiful - and so true! Thank you for sharing that with us. We pray you are able to get on the next flight to Guatemala so you can be with your two precious boys! God bless.

Gina, Mommy to Lucas


Wonderful sentiment -- it's good for us all to be reminded of it time and again.

I'll be praying for you to arrive safely in GC and have your beautiful boys in your arms forever very soon.
~Beckie (a GBA friend)

Our Family of 5 said...

Austin and Logan are adorable!