Saturday, June 16, 2007

Next step completed - we're in Antigua

It's still Grandma posting - I just finished talking to Donna and she and the boys made it safely to Antigua about 2 pm this afternoon. As mentioned in an earlier posting, she is at the Quinta de las Flores and according to her, it is every bit as beautiful as it looks on the web. She has a "nanny" with her full time for the first few days. The boys were a little tearful when they left Guatemala City and had to part from their "foster sisters." but Donna and her new "nanny" gave them bottles on the trip to Antigua and they promptly fell asleep. When I was talking to her, they had only been there for about an hour and I could hear the little ones just babbling and laughing in the background. They seem to have adjusted quickly to yet another change in their young lives and are taking it all in stride.

They were all heading out to explore the grounds and grab a bite to eat, so when I hear from her again, I will definitely update this site. Sounds as if the "new Mom" has adjusted well to the role. She had a little emotional breakdown earlier in the day just prior to leaving Guatemala - when I asked her what was wrong, she said it was just hard for her to believe that she was finally a "Mommy" and she was sort of overwhelmed by it all.

Donna and family thank you all again for your prayers and support - I don't think any of us could have gotten through this journey without you.

I wish I were in Antigua with her - although I'm not there physically, my heart went with her and that's where it will remain until she returns safely home with Austin and Logan.