Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here's What We've Been Up to...

We moved back to Guatemala City - we wanted to be nearby the Embassy in case we could move up on appointment date - which doesn't look like is going to happen, but we can still hope.

On Monday, we had our medical appointment (Us Embassy requires that the boys be seen by a certified doctor and given clearance to enter the US). Well, long story short, that was a huge fiasco!!! We basically spent 4 hours in a very crowded, very busy spanish speaking doctor's office. We finally all made it out alive, but not without Austin and Logan escaping both a vaccine and a newly picked up viral infection!
So, we spent Monday night and most of Tuesday with two pukey, high fever, very sick two little boys. We were able to call the hotel doctor who came and checked them out for us and has been available by phone as we have waited prayerfully for our little boys to heal.

And today finally brought about two much healthier, happier little tikes. We took them out to the zoo which we were delighted to see how involved and interested they were in all the animals!
We miss home. We miss our two precious older boys - who are doing wonderful in our absence. Mason is working around the clock and Evan is enjoying his first real lazy week of summer while playing lots of basketball. They deal with constant phone calls from Grandma, Aunt Anne and two very far away parents!! We can't wait to be reunited with them and become a real family with all 6 of us in the same geographical location!!

So - here are some more pictures and we'll check back in soon!


Tam said...

My goodness! Could they be any cuter?! I'm sorry they were sick, but glad they're feeling better now.