Thursday, March 15, 2007

New pictures and a Pre-Approval!!

Well, the boys had not been to the doctor (that we know of) since November. But, looks like on Monday, while Mom and Aunt Anne (oh, and her husband Brian) were bringing (or helping to bring) baby Eli into the world, Austin and Logan were getting a check-up!

Austin weighs about 18lbs pounds now. And Logan weighs about 17lbs. We are again, astonished by how much they’ve changed. Their hair finally seems to be growing! And they’re changing into little boys right before our eyes.

Yes, it’s very sad that we’ve missed their “baby” phase, but aren’t we so blessed to have been to see them twice during that period! Memories we’ll always cherish!

And on to more astonishing, incredible news – we finally have Austin’s Pre-Approval!! Yea! The US Embassy ever so non-chanlantly dropped me an e-mail Tuesday around 3pm. We have no idea if one of our many letters, or our congressman or our senator or our agency or whatever, finally got through.

There was no explanation – just, there it was! Believe me, I stared at it for 5-10 minutes wondering if I was really looking at what I had been looking for since Dec 18th!

Then, shouts, rejoicing and Praising God!! We’re back in the game! Check timeline on the right. PGN here we come!!

And here are three handsome little guys…

Introducing Eli! Born March 12th at 2:21pm, weighing 8lbs 6 oz!

Here's Austin at the doctors. Can you see the little of tears under his eyes. Mayhaps he had just had a shot?
And here's Logan showing us his "I'm a big boy look!"

Okay, baby boys. We are READY for you to come home!!!


Home sweet home said...

The boys are getting so big and CUTE !! Looking so healthy !!