Sunday, March 18, 2007

Go Orange GO!

Okay, so last week we FINALLY got Austin’s pre-approval. Now (I’ll try to be brief) what needs to happen next is for our lawyer (in Guatemala) to go to the US Embassy and pick up that Pre-Approval (hopefully happened last week), spend a few days “authenticating, signing, stamping, sealing it” etc and to add that document to the rest of our file (which in my mind is about 8 lbs of paperwork at this point!) and deliver all of that to PGN – which is the Guatemalan’s last stage of the process. There it will pass through many hands and many desks all in the pursuit of authentications, signatures, more stamps, approvals, and maybe even a wax seal or two!

At this point, we are waiting on word that we are IN to the PGN phase of our journey. Again, refer to the timeline on the right. Every step on the ladder matters!! In the fall, an average file stayed in PGN 6-8 weeks. Since January, we have seen that time shortened to about 5 weeks!?!

We are, at this time, asking for a two part prayer – one, that we get into PGN early this week (Mon or Tues) and two, that ours is one of the fastest cases EVER to get out of PGN! We pray that our file touches the right person’s hand at the right moment in God’s time for miracles to happen! I want that file barely on each person’s desk long enough for them to do what they need to do and then movin’ it on to the next person’s desk in record time!

In fact, I’m going to visualize my file being an offensive, yet eye catchy, neon orange and that it actually glows. It’s SO bright, those folks in PGN are actually looking for it before it gets to their desks! They’re standing over the person who’s turn it is to review it and telling them to “Hurry up, it’s my turn to look at and approve that file!”